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The Visperterminen health insurance fund is a regional health insurer for private customers in the Upper Valais region. As a relatively small health insurance company, the company relies on personal advice and close ties to the region. In addition to the compulsory basic insurance, the range also includes various supplementary insurances, including a product line specially designed for non-smokers.

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Three basic insurance models

The health insurance company Visperterminen offers three models of compulsory health insurance. In each model, you receive the same statutory benefits. The only difference is which doctor you can contact in the event of illness.

  • Medica Basis is the Standard model (free choice of doctor), in which you decide whether to consult your family doctor, a group practice (HMO) or a specialist first in the event of illness.
  • Medicasa's family doctor model stipulates that you should first consult your family doctor in the event of illness.
  • Telmed Telemedicine stipulates that in the event of illness you should first contact a telemedical counselling centre which will determine an individual treatment plan.

This is how you can reduce your premiums

For the choice of an alternative insurance model, KK Visperterminen grants lucrative discounts of up to 11 percent. If you take out a higher franchise, you can also reduce your premium. The maximum annual deductible for adults is CHF 2,500, for children CHF 600.

Non-smoker insurance from KK Visperterminen  

The KKV would like to reward a healthy lifestyle with its supplementary insurance. The Sanvita product line is therefore aimed specifically at non-smokers and offers them particularly low insurance premiums. Smoker-related illnesses are not reimbursed in this tariff.

The product line includes the Sanvita plus one and plus two outpatient supplementary insurance policies. They differ in the amount of the respective reimbursements. You can also take out supplementary hospital insurance at various benefit levels. Depending on the benefit level, the insurance covers accommodation in the general ward, semi-private or private. Alternatively, you can choose the hospital insurance switch, where you decide how you would like to be accommodated shortly before your stay at the hospital.

Outpatient supplementary insurance for alternative medicine

With the Activa tariff, KKV offers outpatient supplementary insurance for all policyholders who attach particular importance to complementary medical treatment. Activa reimburses 75 percent of alternative medicine treatments, up to 1,500 Swiss francs a year. In addition, the insurance covers the costs of visual aids, domestic help, preventive measures as well as emergency treatment and rescue abroad.

Denta dental care insurance

Denta is an additional dental insurance with which you protect yourself against high dental treatment costs. Depending on the benefit class, the insurance covers between 50 and 75 percent of treatment costs, up to 1,000, 1,500 or 3,000 Swiss francs per calendar year.

Family discount in supplementary insurance

If at least one parent is insured in the Sanvita or Activa ambulatory products, children who take out the same insurance receive a premium discount of 20 percent.

The insurance offer of KK Visperterminen in comparison

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