Visana supplementary insurance

The Visana supplementary insurance in detail

With over one million policyholders, Visana health insurance is one of the largest health and accident insurers in Switzerland. In addition to compulsory health insurance, it also offers various supplementary insurances. The Visana supplementary insurance covers the gaps in the basic insurance. There is a choice of supplementary insurance for outpatient treatment, complementary medicine and more comfort in hospital.

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The benefits of Visana Ambulant Supplementary Insurance

Visana's outpatient supplementary insurance covers benefits that are not included in the basic insurance. The supplementary insurance, for example, covers benefits that are not included in the basic insurance:

  • medically prescribed medications with Swissmedic approval that are on the Visana list of medications
  • dental-surgical interventions
  • medically prescribed aids such as spectacles and contact lenses, maximum 250 Swiss francs per year
  • Domestic help and home nursing
  • Protective and travel vaccinations
  • Transport and travel costs such as medically necessary patient transportation

Vacanza travel insurance is also included. Policyholders can choose between three benefit levels. If you also take out supplementary insurance for your children, you will receive a 50 percent discount from the second child onwards.

Complementary supplementary insurance for alternative medicine

The complementary supplementary insurance of Visana covers the costs for more than 50 alternative medical treatments as well as the corresponding medication. Once again, you can choose from three benefit levels. The benefit levels differ in the amount of the contributions. The supplementary insurance covers 90 percent of the treatment costs, up to a maximum of 1,000, 4,000 or 10,000 Swiss francs per year.

In benefit levels I and II, the insurance only covers treatments carried out by a therapist recognised by Visana. In benefit level III, Visana pays 50 percent for treatment by an unrecognised therapist.

Additional hospital insurance of Visana

With supplementary hospital insurance, you enjoy free choice of hospital throughout Switzerland. Spital Allgemein offers you a stay in a dormitory. Travel insurance Vacanza, rooming-in as well as bathing and recreational cures are included.

The Visana supplementary insurance "Spital Halbprivat" supplements the insurance cover with a stay in the semi-private ward in a two-bed room and free choice of doctor, as well as a lump sum for outpatient birth. With Private Hospital you will be accommodated in a private ward in a single room. With Spital Flex Plus, you choose the room comfort only when you enter the hospital. If you opt for accommodation in a semi-private or private ward and treatment by the chief physician, you pay part of the costs yourself.

In addition, you can protect yourself against loss of earnings and other losses through a hospital stay with a hospital daily benefits insurance.

Basic: The most popular supplementary insurances in one package

The Basic product combines the most popular Visana supplementary insurances into one package. The following benefits are included:

  • Supplementary hospital insurance, either general, semi-private or private
  • Supplementary insurance Ambulant I
  • Supplementary insurance General partner II
  • Travel Insurance Vacanza

The Basic Package is designed to insure policyholders against the most common risks. Visana covers up to 65 percent of the costs. If you do not make use of the insurance benefits, you will receive a 20 percent discount on your premium payments. You can also save money if you conclude a multi-year contract.

Do you still have questions about Visana supplementary insurance or would you like to compare the benefits with other health insurance companies? Please feel free to contact us. We will advise you free of charge and without obligation.

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