Visana health insurance

Visana Health Insurance, based in Berne, was created in 1996 from the merger of the insurers KKB, Grütli and Evidenzia. It currently has 698,000 policyholders in compulsory basic insurance, which corresponds to a market share of 7.3 percent. Premium income amounts to around 3.3 billion Swiss francs. In addition to the basic insurance, the health insurance also offers various voluntary supplementary insurances.

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Visana Contact & Address

Visana Krankenkasse

Weltpoststrasse 17-21
3000 Bern

insured persons

450'169 in basic insurance

refund period

Ø 5 days

solvency ratio


administrative expenses

127 CHF per client

Visana basic health insurance

With an average premium of 504.90 Swiss francs, Visana 2019 is one of the more expensive health insurance companies in Switzerland. The benefits of the basic insurance go beyond the statutory benefits. The standard model also includes health legal protection and free telemedical advice. In addition, you have a free choice of doctor and can decide for yourself whether you go to your family doctor, a specialist or a hospital.

You can save money by increasing the franchise or choosing an alternative insurance model. Visana health insurance offers two general practitioner models: In the Managed Care model, you choose your family doctor or a group practice (HMO) as the first point of contact in the event of illness. With Med Direct, you first go to your family doctor. The premium savings amount to up to 18 percent.

The basic insurance offer is supplemented by three telemedicine models. The Telmed models Tel Doc, Med Call and Tel Care stipulate that you first contact a telemedical advice centre before visiting the doctor.

Visana's voluntary supplementary insurance policies

In order to close gaps in the compulsory basic insurance, you can take out voluntary outpatient supplementary insurance in three stages. The supplementary health insurance Ambulant I, II and III pays contributions for glasses, contact lenses, medical aids, medicines not covered by health insurance and preventive medical check-ups. In addition, they pay a proportion of the costs for vaccinations, transport and fitness services. In addition, Vacanza travel insurance is included free of charge.

Supplementary insurance for alternative medicine

The complementary supplementary insurance is aimed at policyholders who want alternative medical treatment in addition to conventional medical treatment. You have the choice between the tariff levels complementary I, II or III. Depending on the tariff level, the supplementary insurance covers 90 percent of the treatment costs up to a sum of 1000, 4000 or 10,000 Swiss francs per year.

Supplementary hospital insurance for more comfort

The general hospital insurance includes free choice of hospital throughout Switzerland, stay in dormitory, Vacanza travel insurance, rooming-in and the assumption of bathing and recreational cures. With Spital Flex hospital insurance, semi-private and private, you can supplement your insurance cover with free choice of doctor. In the semi-private rate variant, you stay in a double room, with the private rate variant in a single room. In addition, you will receive a lump sum for outpatient birth.

Basic: The package solution

With the Basic model, the health insurance company combines its most popular supplementary insurances into one package:

  • Outpatient II
  • General partner II
  • hospital insurance
  • Travel insurance Vacanza

The dental insurance of Visana

Dental insurance protects you against the additional costs of dental treatment. You can choose from ten benefit levels. Dental insurance covers a maximum of 75 percent of treatment costs up to a sum of 5,000 Swiss francs per year.

Visana insurance offers and premiums in comparison

By comparing the insurance offers, you can find out whether Visana is the right health insurance for you. We will be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation and help you to compare the services and premiums of the health insurance companies.

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