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Techniker health insurance TKK: What cross-border commuters need to consider when it comes to health insurance

If you live abroad and work in Switzerland, you must take out health insurance with a Swiss insurer. As a cross-border commuter, you have a maximum of three months to provide proof of this. However, cross-border commuters from Germany have the option of taking out insurance. If you were previously insured with the Techniker health insurance TKK, you may be able to retain your insurance cover under certain circumstances.

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Health insurance border crosser: Derogation for workers from neighboring countries

In general, cross-border commuters are subject to compulsory health insurance in Switzerland. However, a special regulation applies to employees with residence in the neighboring countries Germany, Italy, France and Austria. You can still take out health insurance in your home country. This also applies to inactive family members of cross-border commuters.

If you want to be exempted from the health insurance obligation, submit an application to the competent authority of your canton of employment within three months. You will also have to go there if you have changed from the Techniker Kasse to a Swiss health insurer. In this case, you also have three months to provide proof of insurance.

If you choose a Swiss health insurer, you will receive form E106 when you sign the contract. You can submit this to any health insurer in your country of residence, such as Techniker health insurance. They will send you a health insurance card and you can now also receive medical treatment in your country of residence. Don't miss this registration. If you do not submit form E106, you will not be entitled to medical treatment in your country of residence. You cannot register retroactively.

What are the differences between German and Swiss health insurance funds?

As a policyholder with a Swiss health insurance fund, you pay the full amount of the health insurance contributions yourself. You are not insured via your employer and premiums are not deducted from your salary. In addition, the scope of benefits differs. Unlike the German Techniker Kasse, for example, the Swiss basic insurance covers fewer benefits in the areas of dental treatment, dental prostheses and dental hygiene.

Another difference is the cost sharing. As an insured person of the compulsory basic insurance, you pay a so-called annual deductible and a deductible. The ordinary annual deductible is 300 Swiss francs, but you can also agree on a higher amount and thus save health insurance contributions. The insurer only covers treatment and medication costs if these exceed the deductible. You pay a deductible of ten percent for all additional costs. The deductible is limited to 700 Swiss francs for adults and 350 Swiss francs for children.

Compare health insurance companies and save health insurance contributions

In order to find the right health insurance for cross-border commuters, it is worth comparing health insurance companies. Although the benefits provided by the Swiss basic health insurance are prescribed by law, there are enormous differences in the level of health insurance contributions. For many benefits, you also need a voluntary supplementary insurance, for which additional premiums are due. It may therefore be worth taking advantage of the insurance option and staying with a German insurance company such as Techniker health insurance. We will be happy to advise you and find the best solution for you.

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