Sympany health insurance

The Sympany health insurance exists ready since 1914. The insurer was founded under the name Öffentliche Krankenkasse (ÖKK) Basel. The head office is also located in Basel. Today the company consists of five insurance companies. In the area of health insurance, the insurer looks after 259,703 private customers; 202,270 persons alone have taken out basic insurance. In 2018, the health insurance company achieved a premium volume of CHF 1,048 million.

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Sympany Contact & Address

Sympany Krankenkasse

Peter Merian-Weg 4
4002 Basel

insured persons

153'340 in basic insurance

refund period

Ø 7 days

solvency ratio


administrative expenses

229 CHF per client

Sympany basic insurance

Sympany Krankenkasse offers the compulsory Swiss basic health insurance in various variants. In the classic standard model, you have a free choice of doctor throughout Switzerland and receive all statutory benefits. The classic basic insurance also includes some alternative medicine treatment methods and emergency treatment abroad. The franchise is at least 300 Swiss francs per year. If you choose a higher franchise, you can reduce your insurance premiums.

The alternative basic insurance models also offer premium savings. Depending on the model, you pay up to 18 percent less.

  • casamed family doctor: In the event of illness, first visit your family doctor.
  • casamed HMO: Your first point of contact is a group practice (HMO).
  • callmed 24: With the Telmed model, you first contact a free consultation hotline if you have any health questions.
  • flexhelp24 Telemedicine / HMO model: You should first contact a telemedical advice centre or a group practice (HMO).
  • casamed Pharm: In the event of illness, you first visit a Sympany partner pharmacy and seek advice there.

Sympany Grenzgänger insures people who work in Switzerland but live in neighbouring countries.

Outpatient supplementary insurances

You can round off your insurance cover with outpatient supplementary insurance Plus and Premium. The voluntary supplementary insurances make contributions to preventive measures, alternative medicine and medicines that are not covered by health insurance. In the Premium tariff model, you receive twice as high premiums in many cases as in the Plus model.

You can also take out Sympany supplementary insurance if you have not chosen a basic health insurance plan.

Hospita supplementary hospital insurance

Sympany Krankenversicherung offers a wide range of supplementary hospital insurance policies. With Hospita general hospital insurance, you have a free choice of hospital throughout Switzerland. Hospita semi-private and Hospita flex with semi-private option offer free choice of hospital and chief physician treatment as well as accommodation in a double room. Hospita private, flex, flex with private option and global offer additional single room accommodation. With the flex tariff variants, you decide which ward you would like to be accommodated in when you enter the hospital.

Dental insurance dental

The dental insurance protects against additional costs due to dental treatment and prophylaxis. You can choose from three variants. Depending on the tariff model, the dental insurance covers 50 to 75 percent of the treatment costs up to a sum of 1000, 1500 or 5000 Swiss francs per calendar year.

Sympany health insurance in comparison

Before you change your health insurance company, you should carefully compare the individual insurance offers. Although the basic insurance offer is required by law, the premiums of the insurers differ. In addition, there is the different range of benefits offered by supplementary insurances. We will be happy to show you how Sympany compares. Contact us and let us advise you free of charge.

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