Supplementary insurances

Supplementary insurance: The sensible supplement to your basic insurance

A supplementary insurance complements the benefits of the compulsory basic insurance. Around 80 percent of the Swiss have opted for additional insurance cover. There is a choice of outpatient supplementary insurance and hospital insurance. The supplementary insurance comparison helps you to find a supplementary health insurance that suits your needs.

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Supplementary health insurance: Individually tailored insurance cover

The Swiss basic insurance already covers numerous medical benefits in the event of illness, accident and maternity. However, you will have to make high co-payments for dental treatment, alternative cures or vision aids. This also applies if you want more comfort when staying in hospital. With voluntary supplementary health insurance, you protect yourself against these additional costs and can also take advantage of treatments that are not covered by compulsory health insurance.

The health insurance funds are free to determine which additional services they cover. In addition to the scope of benefits, the premiums of the individual providers also vary considerably. Before you take out supplementary health insurance, it is therefore worth making a comparison.

Which outpatient supplementary insurances are worthwhile?

Which outpatient supplementary insurances make sense at all? This depends above all on your personal circumstances and needs. If, for example, you need a vision aid, supplementary glasses insurance pays off, paying high premiums for glasses, contact lenses and possibly even for laser surgery of the eyes. If you would like to supplement orthodox medical treatment with alternative medicine, you will also find supplementary insurance specifically for this need. Other additional benefits include, for example, the assumption of non-obligatory medication, rescue and transport costs, treatment costs abroad and health prevention measures.

It is also advisable to take out supplementary dental insurance. An additional dental insurance policy covers the proportionate costs of dental treatment, malocclusion corrections and oral surgery up to a certain maximum annual amount.

Additional hospital insurance

Almost half of all Swiss people have opted for supplementary hospital insurance. General hospital insurance enables you, for example, to receive treatment at no extra charge in a hospital outside your canton of residence. You can also opt for semi-private or private hospital insurance. Semi-private insurance, for example, allows you to stay in a semi-private ward and in a two-bed room. With private insurance, you can also choose accommodation in a single room.

What do you need to bear in mind when taking out supplementary insurance?

The benefits and terms of the basic insurance policy are governed by the Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG). The insurance practice of supplementary insurance, on the other hand, is based on the Insurance Contract Act (VVG). Unlike the KVG, the VVG Switzerland does not provide for an unconditional admission obligation. Accordingly, a provider can refuse to include you in the supplementary insurance. Some health insurance companies require a health check before taking out supplementary health insurance.

The premiums for supplementary insurance are based on the individual insurance risk, age and sex of the policyholder.

There is another difference between basic insurance and supplementary insurance: The supplementary insurance can also be cancelled by the health insurance fund after an insured event.

Find suitable supplementary insurance with the supplementary insurance comparison

Many health insurance companies combine their additional outpatient services into packages. Package solutions appear practical and often offer cheaper premiums than individual solutions. However, they cover many costs only up to a certain maximum amount per year. They may also include benefits that you do not need. If you would like to find the best supplementary insurance for your needs, make the supplementary insurance comparison.

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