Sumiswalder health insurance

The Sumiswalder health insurance fund has existed since 1823 as a health and accident insurer. Health insurance operates primarily in German-speaking Switzerland, with a focus on the canton of Berne and the surrounding cantons. The company has more than 27,000 policyholders and aims to offer products tailored to individual customer needs. Our insurance comparison shows whether it is worth switching to Sumiswalder.

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Sumiswalder Contact & Address

Sumiswalder Krankenkasse

Spitalstrasse 47
3454 Sumiswald

insured persons

19'577 in basic insurance

refund period

Ø 4 days

solvency ratio


administrative expenses

95 CHF per client

Different models of compulsory basic insurance

There are three models to choose from in the compulsory basic health insurance of Sumiswalder health insurance: The Standard model (free choice of doctor) is the traditional model under the Health Insurance Act (KVG). In the event of illness, you decide which doctor to consult: Your family doctor, a specialist or a group practice (HMO). Complete the family doctor model and select your family doctor from a list of doctors. This general practitioner will then be your first point of contact. There are exceptions for emergencies, gynaecological and ophthalmological examinations. If you opt for the Sumis24 (Telmed) model, call the Medi24 telemedicine advice hotline first in the event of illness. The specialist medical staff will decide on the further course of treatment.

Premium discounts in basic health insurance  

Sumiswalder health insurance grants premium discounts of 7 percent for the choice of an alternative insurance model. You can also save if you increase your franchise. Adults can choose an annual deductible of up to 2,500 Swiss francs. The higher the deductible rate, the higher the premium discounts. From the third insured child onwards, you also benefit from a 50 percent family discount on your basic insurance.

Extended benefits with voluntary supplementary insurance

The supplementary health insurance of Sumiswalder health insurance supplements the basic insurance benefits. For example, they receive higher subsidies for visual aids and medical aids, prevention services and dental treatment.

Complementary is a supplementary insurance for alternative medicine. In three benefit levels, it reimburses treatment costs and medicines from the field of alternative medicine up to a maximum of 4,000 Swiss francs per year. Fitness subscriptions and recognised courses are subsidised with 200 Swiss francs per year.

Dental is the dental insurance of Sumiswalder health insurance. It is available in eight benefit levels and reimburses up to 75 percent of treatment costs, up to a maximum of 5,000 Swiss francs per calendar year.

Supplementary insurance for hospitals

The Kombi supplementary insurance combines contributions to domestic help, transport costs, dental corrections, prevention and benefits abroad with hospital insurance. Hospital insurance is available in three coverage levels: general, semi-private and private. If you want even more comfort in the hospital, you can combine the Kombi+ model with the supplementary comfort hospital insurance. This covers the costs of accommodation in a single or double room in the general ward in selected hospitals.

Family discount in supplementary insurance

If you take out the basic insurance in combination with the supplementary health insurance "Krankenpflege-Zusatz", "Kombi" or "Komplimentär", you will receive a 100 percent premium discount from the second insured child onwards.

Health insurances in comparison

If you would like to find out how much you can save by switching to Sumiswalder Health Insurance, make a comparison with us. Our premium calculator will show you your savings potential in just a few minutes. You can then request a non-binding insurance quote directly online.

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