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The Steffisburg health insurance fund, also known as KKSt, has been in existence since 1861. This makes it one of the oldest health insurers in Switzerland. In supplementary health insurance, KKSt has been working with a Swiss health insurer since 1997 and offers products that are tailored to the individual needs of its customers.

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Steffisburg Contact & Address

Steffisburg Krankenkasse

Unterdorfstrasse 37
Postfach 138
CH-3612 Steffisburg

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Different models of compulsory basic insurance

The scope of benefits provided by compulsory health insurance is prescribed by law. In the basic model, policyholders are free to choose whether they first consult their family doctor, a doctor in a group practice (HMO) or a specialist. In addition to the Standard model (free choice of doctor), health insurance companies can offer other models. The KKSt offers a choice of four such alternative models:

  • Family doctor model Casa: In the event of illness, the family doctor is your first point of contact.
  • Family doctor model beodocs/ igomed: The model is aimed at residents of the Bernese Oberland and Thun regions. You choose your family doctor from a regional list of doctors.
  • Family doctor model Regiomed: This model is available to residents in the premium regions with postal codes 3612 and 3613. In the event of illness, contact doctors from the MediZentrum Landhaus or Burgergut Steffisburg AG.
  • Sanmed24: Your first contact is the Medgate telemedical advice centre.

Discounts for basic insurance

The KKSt grants lucrative discounts for the choice of an alternative insurance model. You can also reduce your premiums by voluntarily paying a higher deductible. For adults, annual franchises of up to CHF 2,500 are available, for children up to CHF 600. The higher the franchise, the lower the premium.

Supplementary insurances of the Steffisburg health insurance fund  

The supplementary insurance InVita closes gaps in the basic insurance. The three variants Light, Standard and Flex offer, among other things, higher premiums for visual aids and reimburse health care measures as well as fitness subscriptions.

The Vario and Vario Plus tariffs are aimed at policyholders under the age of 60 and also offer extended benefits. Among other things, the insurance covers alternative treatment methods, non-compulsory medicines and non-medical psychotherapies.

With Natural, KKSt also offers its own supplementary insurance for alternative medicine. In addition to complementary medical treatments, Natural covers 80 percent, up to a maximum of CHF 1,500 per calendar year, for limited and non-obligatory medicines.

The dental insurance Dental

Dental insurance covers dental treatment and prophylactic measures. You can choose from four benefit levels offering between 50 and 75 percent reimbursement, up to a maximum of 3,000 Swiss francs per calendar year.

Hospital insurance Hospital

If you have to go to hospital, a supplementary hospital insurance policy gives you more comfort and freedom of choice. Hospital insurance is available in four variants. They differ in the type of accommodation:

  • A: General ward, shared room
  • HP: semi-private in two-bed room
  • P: private in single room
  • F: flexible choice between semi-private and private department, with cost sharing

Family discount for supplementary insurances

If you take out KKSt supplementary insurance for yourself and at least two of your children, you pay reduced premiums for your children. InVita insurance is excluded.

A comparison of the KKSt insurance range

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