Semi-private health insurance

This is what the semi-private insurance of the Swiss health insurance companies provides

A stay in hospital is associated with many fears and worries. Patients want it to be at least comfortable there. However, the compulsory basic insurance in Switzerland only covers accommodation in dormitories. In addition, you are not free to choose the hospital and the doctor treating you. If you want more comfort, you must take out a supplementary insurance policy. With a semi-private insurance you are entitled to a free choice of hospital and accommodation in a two-bed room.

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What benefits are covered by semi-private hospital insurance?

The basic insurance covers the costs of a hospital stay in the canton of residence on a pro rata basis. If you wish to be treated in a hospital outside your canton of residence, you can choose a Swiss hospital from a hospital list since 2012. However, the costs may not be higher than in your home canton. You pay any difference yourself. There is no free choice of doctor. It is possible that the doctor treating you is not specialised in your illness.

With an additional insurance you can ensure more comfort for your stay in hospital. There are three options to choose from: The "general ward" hospital insurance offers you free choice of hospital throughout Switzerland and free choice of doctor. Around a quarter of all Swiss people have opted for semi-private or private supplementary hospital insurance. This does not mean that policyholders now have semi-private or private insurance. Rather, the name supplements indicate the ward where you will be accommodated during a hospital stay.

The semi-private supplementary hospital insurance, for example, not only offers you free choice of hospital and doctor throughout Switzerland, it also provides full coverage for accommodation in the semi-private ward. You are also entitled to accommodation in a two-bed room. Private insurance therefore covers accommodation in the private hospital ward.

Who should take out semi-private insurance?

The health insurance funds are relatively free to determine the exact scope of supplementary hospital insurance. They may also make reservations, for example by excluding certain ailments from their catalogue of benefits. In contrast to basic insurance, supplementary insurance is not subject to an admission requirement. Depending on your state of health, an insurer may reject your application for supplementary hospital insurance.

Health insurers may also calculate the premiums for supplementary hospital insurance at their own discretion. Gender and age in particular influence the level of premiums. As a rule, premiums also rise with increasing age. Taking out semi-private insurance is particularly worthwhile if you attach great importance to a high level of comfort and would like to benefit from the freedom to choose your doctor and hospital. In any case, it is advisable to compare the offers of the individual supplementary hospital insurances and to study the insurance conditions carefully. We will be happy to advise you and help you find a suitable health insurance policy.

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