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Sana24 health insurance belongs to Visana, one of the leading health insurance companies in Switzerland. In 2018, the Berne-based company had more than 63,400 policyholders in basic insurance. In addition, the health insurance also offers voluntary supplementary insurance. Profit now from a comparison of the premiums of Sana24 and find a favorable health insurance company.

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Sana24 Contact & Address

Sana24 Krankenkasse

Weltpoststrasse 19
3015 Bern

insured persons

69'020 in basic insurance

refund period

Ø 5 days

solvency ratio


administrative expenses

92 CHF per client

Models of basic insurance

The benefits of compulsory basic health insurance are specified by the Health Insurance Act (KVG) and are the same for all health insurance funds. However, the premiums differ depending on the health insurance and canton.

In addition to the Standard model (free choice of doctor), Sana24 offers five alternative insurance models. In the traditional model, you can choose your doctor freely in the event of illness; the other models restrict the choice of the first contact person. In the Managed Care (family doctor) model, you first contact your family doctor or a group practice (HMO). In the Med Direct model (general practitioner), your general practitioner is the first point of contact.

There are also three Telmed models: In the TelDoc (Telmed) model, the medical advice hotline prescribes a binding treatment plan. In the Med Call (Telmed) model, you decide for yourself whether you follow the treatment plan or not. The TelCare (Telmed) tariff is only available in certain cantons.

Premium discounts in basic insurance

When you choose an alternative insurance model, you receive premium discounts of up to 17 percent. You can also reduce your premiums by opting for a higher deductible. The regular franchise for adults is CHF 300 per year, but can be increased up to CHF 2,500.

Voluntary supplementary insurance for outpatient treatment and hospital treatment

With a voluntary supplementary insurance, you can extend your insurance cover according to your individual needs and receive, for example, higher subsidies for prevention, aids and alternative medicine. Sana24 Ambulant is a supplementary insurance policy for outpatient treatment. The complementary insurance provides reimbursement for 50 treatment methods in alternative medicine. Both supplementary insurances are available in three benefit levels.

With supplementary hospital insurance, you are assured more comfort during your stay in hospital. Sana24 Krankenkasse hospital insurance is available in general, flex, semi-private and private versions. Each model gives you free hospital choice throughout Switzerland, with Flex, semi-private and private you can also choose your doctor.

The voluntary dental insurance protects you against high dentist costs. It reimburses up to 75 percent of treatment costs in three benefit levels, up to a maximum of CHF 1,800 per year.

The Basic supplementary insurance combines the Ambulant II and General II models with a hospital insurance of your choice and the Vacanza travel insurance.

Family discount in basic and supplementary insurance

Sana24 Krankenkasse grants a family discount for the above-mentioned supplementary insurance policies. From the second insured child under the age of 18, households pay only 50 percent of the actual premiums. In basic health insurance, discounts are even up to 90 percent from the third insured child onwards. There is a discount of up to 27 percent on premiums for co-insured young people between the ages of 19 and 25.

Comparison of benefits and premiums

If you would like to find out how much you can actually save by switching to Sana24 health insurance, make a comparison with us. You can then request a non-binding insurance quote.

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