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If you are resident in Switzerland, you are obliged to take out Swiss health insurance. There is a large number of providers to choose from, the only requirement being that the health insurance fund must be active in your canton of residence. If you are still unsure which health insurance you should choose or if you would like to change your health insurance company, you will receive free and professional advice from us.

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Which health insurance is right for you??

The Swiss Health Insurance Act (KVG) obliges all health insurance funds to offer the same basic insurance benefits. However, the amount of the insurance premium may be set relatively freely by the insurers. This means that there is enormous potential for savings in basic insurance. Even by switching to a different insurance model, you can save several hundred francs a year. You can also influence the amount of the health insurance premium by choosing the annual deductible. We will be happy to explain to you what you need to keep an eye on

It may even be worthwhile for you to switch completely to another health insurance company. Compare it with our premium calculator and find out how much you can save by switching. If you still have questions about the cancellation of your health insurance or about a specific provider, we can also help you.

There are large differences in benefits in the area of supplementary insurance. Supplementary insurance closes gaps in basic insurance. But not every supplementary insurance makes sense or is suitable for your needs. In a personal discussion, we will show you what you need to bear in mind when comparing supplementary insurances and how you can find a suitable health insurance.

Competent advice on health insurance by Cicero-certified experts

Our consultants have been awarded the Cicero seal of quality for competent advice in insurance matters. You can be sure that our experts will receive regular training and will be able to answer your questions in the best possible way.

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