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Provita Holding AG, headquartered in Winterthur, was founded in 1845 under the name Sulzer health insurance. The traditional insurer is now part of Swica health insurance AG. The range of services is congruent with the Swica range. According to the Federal Office of Public Health, 66,798 people have opted for Provita's compulsory basic health insurance, with a market share of 0.8 percent in 2016. In addition to compulsory health insurance, you can also take out various supplementary insurance policies, including hospital insurance and dental insurance.

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Provita Contact & Address

Provita Gesundheitsversicherung

Römerstrasse 38
8401 Winterthur

insured persons

54'967 in basic insurance

refund period

Ø 2 days

solvency ratio


administrative expenses

142 CHF per client

Various models of Provita basic health insurance

As with the parent company Swica, you can choose from various models of compulsory basic insurance with Provita. In the classic Standard version, you are free to choose your doctor. With the FAVORIT CASA model, your first point of contact in the event of illness is your family doctor. With the FAVORIT MEDICA model, you select your attending physician from a list of physicians. The FAVORIT MEDPHARM model requires that you first visit a Swica partner pharmacy if you need treatment. If you choose the FAVORIT SANTE model, first contact a group practice (HMO) or the Medbase Health Centre. FAVORIT TELMED is a telemedicine model. If you would like medical advice, please contact the free santé24 hotline.

The amount of the monthly premium depends, among other things, on your age, the canton in which you live and the franchise you have chosen. The premium can be reduced by a higher deductible.

Provita supplementary insurance for illness and accident

Voluntary supplementary insurances extend the scope of the Provita basic insurance. COMPLETA TOP and OPTIMA, for example, support treatment with alternative medicine, COMPLETA PRAEVENTA and OPTIMA also pay subsidies for exercise and prevention measures. SUPPLEMENTA supplements COMPLETA TOP and contributes to eyeglasses and contact lenses, medical aids and patient transport in Switzerland and abroad.

Supplementary insurance can be taken out as insurance packages tailored to your needs. For example, BALANCE combines the benefits of the FAVORIT model with the COMPLETA TOP supplementary insurance, a medical expenses insurance, a health legal protection and the hospital insurance HOSPITA FLEX. ACTIVE is aimed at active policyholders and makes contributions to sports and health programmes. PREMIUM offers worldwide all-round protection including free choice of hospital at home and abroad.

The supplementary hospital insurance of Provita

With hospital insurance, you receive extended insurance cover when you stay in hospital. HOSPITA GENERAL covers accommodation in the general ward of Swica contract hospitals. With the HOSPITA FLEX HALF PRIVATE and HOSPITA FLEX PRIVATE supplementary insurances, you are free to choose your hospital and choose accommodation in the general, semi-private or private ward. The HOSPITA HALF PRIVATE and HOSPITAL PRIVAT supplementary insurances also offer accommodation in single or double rooms. With BestMed, you enjoy free hospital choice, free choice of doctor and accommodation in a single room worldwide.

Dental insurance DENTA

DENTA dental insurance pays between 500 and 2,000 Swiss francs per year for check-ups, dental hygiene and dental treatment. In addition, the dental insurance supports tooth position corrections for adolescents up to the age of 25 with 1,000 to 4,000 Swiss francs per year.

Provita insurance offers in comparison

Before you switch to Provita Health Insurance, it is worth comparing the individual insurance offers. With us, you can compare the benefits and premiums of different insurers and receive free, non-binding advice.

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