Private health insurance

This is what the private insurance pays for your stay in hospital

If you want more comfort for a hospital stay, you can choose a supplementary hospital insurance in addition to the basic insurance. Private insurance offers the highest range of benefits. In addition to free choice of doctor and hospital, it also offers policyholders accommodation in a single room and treatment by a chief doctor.

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The benefits of private hospital insurance

If you would like to take out supplementary hospital insurance, you can choose from various options. The cheapest model is the supplementary insurance "general ward" with free choice of doctor and hospital for the whole of Switzerland. Semi-private insurance supplements this range of services with accommodation in a two-bed room in a semi-private ward. With private insurance, you enjoy even more comfort:

  • Free choice of doctor and hospital throughout Switzerland
  • Shorter waiting times for planned operations
  • Right to chief doctor treatment
  • Accommodation in the private hospital ward
  • Accommodation in a single room

Depending on the catalogue of services offered by your health insurance company, you will also receive more convenience in operation, an extended menu or other extras. With some health insurance companies, you can also take out a worldwide free choice of hospital and accommodation in a private ward.

What do you need to consider when taking out private supplementary hospital insurance?

The plus in benefits naturally goes hand in hand with higher premiums. While supplementary hospital insurance is still relatively inexpensive, private supplementary insurance costs a substantial additional amount. The premium amount is mainly based on gender and age. The older you get, the higher the premiums increase. You can lower the insurance premiums if you agree a higher deductible or a higher deductible. If you pay part of the costs for the hospital stay out of your own pocket, savings of up to 70 percent are possible.

If you are looking for private supplementary hospital insurance, you should also be aware that, unlike basic insurance, there is no admission requirement. If you have previous illnesses or if the chosen insurer has other reservations, it can reject your application. If you have found a suitable private insurance policy and an insured event occurs, you should clarify with your health insurance company whether it will cover the full costs. This protects you from nasty surprises.

In general, it is worth comparing the premiums and benefits of the individual providers before taking out private insurance. The costs can also vary greatly for the same insurance model. We support you in comparing health insurance companies and are happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation.

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