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Priminfo - The FOPH's premium calculator (BAG)

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) is responsible for health and accident insurance. Not only does it publish the current health insurance premiums for the coming year every year in September, it also provides its own premium calculator, Priminfo. With this online calculator, Swiss citizens can easily compare the premiums of their basic health insurance. Our premium comparison also uses the always up-to-date data from Priminfo.

Compare health insurance premiums 2023

How the Priminfo premium calculator works

With the Priminfo health insurance calculator you can compare the premium amount of the basic insurance. The costs for voluntary supplementary insurance are not yet taken into account.

First enter your postcode or place of residence. One of the decisive factors for the amount of the health insurance premium is your canton of residence. You must then enter your date of birth and select the desired annual deductible. The franchises you can choose from depend on your age. Finally, you determine whether accident cover should be included or not. Select "No" if you already have accident cover from your employer. You can compare health insurances for one person or for several persons.

Optionally, you can select your current health insurance fund and specify your current insurance model. Now you can select which insurance models you would like to compare: Standard model, family doctor model, HMO model and other models. This way you can immediately see which insurance model will save you the most.

Benefit from current data and individual advice!

The BAG Priminfo premium calculator is available online at ( However, it is not possible to obtain a direct quote from your preferred health insurance company via If you are interested in the offer of a specific health insurance company, the federal government calculator will only redirect you to the website of the respective insurer. There you have to type in all the data you have previously entered.

Our premium comparison also uses data from Priminfo. This means that you always have up-to-date information on the premium amount available and you can find the cheapest health insurance fund in your canton. Within a few minutes you can calculate your savings potential. If you would like to change your health insurance company, you can also obtain a non-binding offer directly. In addition, you can benefit from our personal and individual advice on the choice of your health insurance company. You will not only find a low-cost basic insurance, but also a supplementary insurance that meets your needs.

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