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Health insurance premium reductions

How to get a premium reduction for your health insurance company People who live in modest economic conditions do not have to pay the full health insurance premium. If your household income is below a specified amount, you can apply for a premium reduction. Here you can find out in which cases you can apply and what you need to bear in mind. To optimise your premium level, it is also worth comparing health insurance companies.

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Are you entitled to a premium reduction? In principle, you are entitled to a reduction in health insurance premiums if you live in modest economic circumstances. The household income and the number of children are decisive. How high the household income may be is regulated at cantonal level. In most cantons, the administration will inform you automatically if you are entitled to a household income.

If you are resident in Zurich, you are entitled to reduced health insurance premiums in the following cases in 2020:

  • Married couples or registered partners without children: total taxable income of a maximum of CHF 49,200.00. Married couples or registered partners with children: total taxable income of up to CHF 49,200.
  • For household incomes between CHF 49,300 and CHF 62,900, a premium reduction is granted for underage children. Single parents: total taxable income of up to CHF 41,600.
  • If the income is between CHF 41,700 and CHF 62,900, underage children are entitled to premium reductions.
  • Individuals: total taxable income of up to CHF 36,300.

The total taxable assets may not exceed CHF 300,000 in any one case; CHF 150,000 is permitted for individuals. Application for premium reduction:

You must pay attention to the following:

The SVA of your canton usually sends you the application form for the premium reduction by the end of July. Young people aged 18 and over receive their own application form, even if they live in the same household as their parents. The pre-printed application form must be completed in full, signed and returned to the SVA. You have two months to do this. Young adults in initial training must also enclose a current certificate of training, a semester certificate or a school certificate.

If you do not receive an application form despite your claim, please contact the relevant SVA in your canton of residence.

This is how payment works

The SVA of your canton transfers the premium reduction directly to your health insurance company. The health insurance company then deducts the transferred sum from your current premium invoices. If you change your health insurance company, your old insurer informs the SVA and informs them of the new health insurance. If you change your health insurance company, you do not have to register with the SVA yourself.

The amount of the premium reduction varies depending on the place of residence, taxable total income and age of the policyholder. Optimisation of the health insurance premium:

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The premium reduction only applies to the basic insurance, not to the supplementary insurance. So that you don't pay too much even with reduced premiums, the health insurance comparison is worthwhile.

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