Premium calculator: Compare and switch health insurance funds

Are you paying too much for your health insurance? In basic health insurance, all Swiss health insurers offer the same benefits. However, the level of premiums varies enormously in some cases. Use our premium calculator to determine your savings potential. Uncomplicated and with just a few clicks, you can save several hundred francs a year.

Compare health insurance premiums 2024

Use premium calculator and calculate the savings potential for the health insurance company

Our premium calculator uses the premiums approved by the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG). In this way, you always receive up-to-date data. Unlike the BAG's Priminfo calculator, however, you can use our premium calculator to request a non-binding quote directly. This saves time when comparing health insurance companies.

Your advantages with the health insurance premium calculator:

  • calculate savings potential with just a few clicks
  • Data based on BAG-approved premiums
  • current premiums from health insurance funds in your canton of residence
  • independent, free of charge and without obligation
  • request a quote directly

Find a cheap health insurance: How the premium calculator works

Would you like to find out how cheap your health insurance fund is compared to other insurers? Or are you already thinking about changing your health insurance? Then use our premium calculator to search specifically for the cheapest offer.

First select your current health insurance fund and enter your postcode and age group in the premium calculator. By entering your place of residence, the premium calculator only takes into account health insurers who are also represented in your canton.

In the next step, you can compare the premium contributions for different insurance models. In this way, you can immediately see how the choice of another basic insurance model affects your premium. By selecting the annual deductible, you can continue to influence the health insurance company's premium. The premium calculator also shows you how much you can save overall by choosing another health insurance company.

You can then request a detailed quotation directly. Simply indicate which criteria are particularly important to you when selecting your health insurance company. Are you mainly looking for low premiums? Would you also like to take out supplementary insurance? Would you like a free choice of doctor or a health insurance company with a family discount? Once you have made your choice, enter your personal data and submit the form. You will receive a non-binding offer with the premiums approved by the BAG 2024.

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