ÖKK health insurance

The history of ÖKK goes back more than 100 years. Around 1900, several public health insurance funds were set up in the canton of Graubünden. After the Second World War, the funds worked more closely together and founded a joint health insurance scheme in 1996. The newly established foundation was joined in 2004 by ÖKK Winterthur and in 2009 by health insurance company Flachtaal. The company's current headquarters are in Landquart. The health insurance company has around 180,000 private policyholders and generated around 800 million Swiss francs in premium income in 2016.

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ÖKK Contact & Address

ÖKK Krankenkasse

Bahnhofstrasse 13
7302 Landquart

insured persons

154'326 in basic insurance

refund period

Ø 2 days

solvency ratio


administrative expenses

194 CHF per client

Base: The ÖKK basic insurance

ÖKK basic insurance bears the name Basis and covers all statutory benefits. The special feature: The health insurance company offers two different basic insurance policies, the tariffs of ÖKK Kranken- und Unfallversicherungen AG and KVF Krankenversicherung AG. The benefits do not differ, but the premium amount does. The insurer selects the tariff that is more favourable for you.

You can save if you agree on a higher deductible or opt for an alternative insurance model. With the basic model, you have a free choice of doctor; the alternative models restrict this freedom of choice.

  • Casamed family doctor: Your first contact is your family doctor.
  • Casamed Select: You first contact a Telmed advice centre or a pharmacy.
  • Casamed 24: With the Telemedizin-Modell you take up first contact to a telemedical advisory board.
  • Casamed HMO: You first contact a group practice (HMO).

Through the ÖKK Euroline tariff, the health insurance also insures cross-border commuters who work in Switzerland but live in neighbouring countries.

ÖKK supplementary insurances

In 2018, ÖKK redesigned its supplementary insurance and offers flexible modules for combining under the name Live Zusatzversicherungen. The first module is the Start supplementary insurance with many supplementary benefits. Those who attach great importance to alternative medicine or wear glasses can opt for the three tariff variants of the ÖKK Natur supplementary insurance. Policyholders receive higher subsidies for complementary medical treatments as well as for spectacles, contact lenses and laser eye treatments. ÖKK Prävention contributes to vaccinations, check-ups, nutritional advice and fitness. ÖKK Eltern is a supplementary insurance for pregnancy and maternity.

The new modules replace the well-known ÖKK Optima and ÖKK Premium supplementary insurances and the ÖKK Standard insurance package, which combines the benefits of ÖKK Optima with the Kombi Allgemein hospital insurance.

The ÖKK Family tariff is also no longer offered to new customers. If you would like similar benefits, you can combine the starter tariff with the parent tariff model.

Dental insurance ÖKK Smile

You can insure dental treatment with ÖKK Smile dental insurance. The dental insurance pays between 50 and 75 percent of the treatment costs, up to a maximum amount of 5000 Swiss francs per calendar year.

ÖKK Hospital: Your individual supplementary hospital insurance

In the area of hospital insurance, you can choose from six tariff models. All offer you free choice of hospital throughout Switzerland, Spital Global and Spital Privat Unfall also abroad. Depending on the tariff, you decide whether you would like to be accommodated in the general, semi-private or private hospital ward.

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