Luzerner Hinterland health insurance

The Luzerner Hinterland health insurance fund is based in Zell and has around 20,000 members. As the name suggests, health insurance is strongly anchored in the Lucerne landscape, but operates in a total of ten cantons. It was founded in 1905. You can find out more about the benefits and premiums of the traditional health insurance company in our insurance comparison.

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Luzerner Hinterland Contact & Address

Luzerner Hinterland Krankenkasse

Luzernstrasse 19
6144 Zell

insured persons

23'163 in basic insurance

refund period

Ø 6 days

solvency ratio


administrative expenses

79 CHF per client

The basic insurance of the Luzerner Hinterland  

The basic insurance is obligatory for every resident of Switzerland, the scope of benefits is prescribed by law. The scope of benefits of the traditional model is therefore the same from health insurance fund to health insurance fund, but the level of premiums varies considerably in some cases. In addition, insurers offer various alternative models for which they grant lucrative premium discounts.

With the health insurance Luzerner Hinterland, you have the choice between the Standard model (free choice of doctor) and a family doctor model. With the traditional model, you are free to choose which doctor you visit in the event of illness, a family doctor or a specialist. If you choose the family doctor model, your family doctor is always the first point of contact.

Premium discounts through higher deductible rate

If you want to save premiums on your basic insurance, you can also agree a higher deductible. The maximum annual deductible is CHF 2,500 for adults and CHF 600 for children. You can apply for a change to the annual deductible rate up to 30 November each year.

More benefits with voluntary supplementary insurance

With voluntary supplementary insurance, you can tailor your insurance cover to your personal needs. For example, you will receive higher contributions to health care or alternative medicine or more comfort in hospital.

The supplementary health insurance (ZEB) of the Luzerner Hinterland supplements the basic outpatient insurance. It covers higher reimbursements for alternative medicine, medical aids and visual aids, non-prescription medicines, transport costs and dental treatment for children.

Dental insurance covers dental treatment for adults. The dental insurance of the Lucerne hinterland offers various benefit levels, the maximum cost coverage is 75 percent, up to 5,000 Swiss francs per calendar year.

Kombi hospital insurance gives you a free choice of doctor and hospital throughout Switzerland. In tariff level 1, you are accommodated in a shared room in the general ward. With tariff level 2 you will be accommodated semi-privately in a two-bed room, with level 3 privately in a single room. The supplementary hospital insurance Kombi Hotel covers general services in single or double rooms.

Family discount in the Lucerne hinterland

Families with more than two children receive discounts if they also have their children insured with the Luzerner Hinterland health insurance fund. In the basic insurance, there is a family discount for the third child, the premium drops by 30 percent. The supplementary health insurance for the third child is even free of charge until the eldest sibling reaches the age of 15.

Insurance offers in comparison

Compare the offers of the Luzerner Hinterland with those of other health insurance companies. How much can you save if you change your health insurance? Is it perhaps worth switching to an alternative insurance model? Which supplementary insurance is ideal for you? With our premium calculator, you can find out in just a few minutes. Then you can directly obtain a non-binding insurance offer - completely free of charge, of course.

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