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Klug health insurance is strongly anchored in the canton of Zug, but offers health insurance throughout Switzerland. In 2017, the insurer had 6,504 policyholders in basic insurance. In addition to compulsory health insurance, you can also take out a number of supplementary insurance policies. Our health insurance comparison will show you whether the right tariff is available for you.

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Klug Contact & Address

Klug Krankenkasse

Gubelstrasse 22
6300 Zug

insured persons

17'464 in basic insurance

refund period

Ø 4 days

solvency ratio


administrative expenses

79 CHF per client

The basic insurance of Klug health insurence  

In basic health insurance, Klug health insurence offers the basic model. This is the standard model (free choice of doctor) of the obligatory health insurance. The benefits include, among other things:

  • full coverage of outpatient treatment at home or at work
  • full coverage for medically prescribed medications subject to compulsory health insurance coverage
  • Emergency treatment during stays abroad, coverage of costs in double the amount of the canton of residence
  • statutory benefits in the context of alternative medicine and for preventive measures
  • Reimbursement of spa cures, home nursing care and aids
  • full coverage for treatment in the general ward of an acute hospital according to the hospital list
  • Taking over of dental treatments in case of accidental tooth damage and severe diseases of the masticatory system

Individual insurance cover through a Klug supplementary insurance policy  

You can supplement the basic insurance benefits with supplementary insurance. The following supplementary insurances are available:

  • Top supplementary insurance covers outpatient treatment in Switzerland and abroad that goes beyond basic insurance coverage.
  • The Sana supplementary insurance offers extended coverage in the areas of alternative medicine, prevention and health promotion.
  • Completa combines the services of Top and Sana and offers more generous reimbursement for spectacle lenses, medical aids and treatment abroad and by noncontracted doctors.
  • Primeo offers free choice of doctor for outpatient procedures at Klug's partner clinics.
  • DENTAplus is a dental insurance with worldwide coverage of dental treatments, including prophylaxis, orthodontics and oral surgery.

Supplementary hospital insurance from Klug health insurance

With hospital insurance, you can be sure of more comfort during your stay in hospital. The tariffs for supplementary hospital insurance are Hospital Eco, Hospital Flex, Hospital half private and Hospital Privat. Depending on the tariff, you are free to choose your doctor in hospital and benefit from accommodation in a two-bed room in a semi-private ward or in a single room in a private ward.

Possible discounts in basic and supplementary insurance

If you would like to reduce your basic insurance premiums, you can secure lucrative discounts by choosing a higher annual deductible. A maximum franchise of 2,500 Swiss francs and discounts of up to 35 percent are possible for adults. For your children's basic insurance, you can choose a voluntary deductible of 500 Swiss francs. Klug Krankenkasse grants a 30 percent discount for this. By excluding accidents, you can also reduce your premiums by 4 to 5 percent.

For supplementary insurance, the insurer offers a family discount. If you insure two persons, the premiums are reduced by 5 percent; if you take out an insurance policy for three persons, the family discount is 10 percent. You can also save premiums by combining supplementary health insurance with hospital insurance.

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