Information about health insurance

Cancel health insurance

Termination of health insurance: How to cancel your basic health insurance Basic health insurance is the compulsory health insurance in Switzerland that every Swiss citizen must have taken out. Many policyholders consider terminating their health insurance when their provider ...

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Compare health insurance

Make the health insurance comparison and discover your savings potential Swiss health insurance companies adjust their premiums every year. In 2020, health insurance premiums for adults rose by an average of 3.4 percent and for children by 1.2 percent. This places a significan...

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Change health insurance

Change health insurance: How to proceed Each autumn, the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) approves the health insurance premiums for the coming year. The health insurance funds must inform their policyholders in writing of the new monthly premiums by 31 October at the lat...

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Supplementary insurances

Supplementary health insurance: Individually tailored insurance cover The Swiss basic insurance already covers numerous medical benefits in the event of illness, accident and maternity. However, you will have to make high co-payments for dental treatment, alternative cures or v...

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In the glossary you will find explanations of the most important terms relating to health insurance and the Swiss healthcare system.

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prenatal registration

Every Swiss citizen must be registered with a health insurance fund. This already applies to babies. In order for your baby to enjoy comprehensive insurance cover from birth, it is advisable to register before birth. This is also how you are protected if your child is born sick.

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