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According to the Swiss Health Insurance Act (KVG), all persons resident in Switzerland must be insured with a Swiss health insurance fund. This applies to both Swiss and foreign nationals. There is strong competition among health insurers. In basic health insurance, every health insurance company is obliged to offer the same benefits. However, the level of premiums varies from health insurance fund to health insurance fund and also depends on the canton of residence. Especially in basic health insurance, many policyholders pay too high premiums. You can save several hundred francs a year if you change your health insurance company.

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Would you like to save on premiums? Here you will find all premiums for the health insurance company Wechsel

We make it easy for you to change your health insurance company. With our premium comparison you can determine your savings potential and request a free quote directly. The health insurance list also offers you detailed information on the individual health insurers in Switzerland.

Every health insurance fund in Switzerland is subject to the FOPH (Federal Office of Public Health). The Swiss Confederation checks the premiums charged by the insurers. Every autumn, the FOPH (Federal Office of Public Health) publishes the current overview of premiums for the coming year. A health insurance company must also inform its policyholders in writing of any premium increases. �

At the latest when you have received a message about a premium increase, it is time to think about a change. We will provide you with a premium comparison with the FOPH's current data. With just a few clicks, you can compare the premiums of your health insurance company and determine your savings potential. If you would like to change your health insurance company, you can cancel your old health insurance company with us immediately and obtain an offer for a cheaper health insurance.

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Our health insurance comparison uses the Priminfo data of the BAG. This ensures that all information is always up to date. You can easily calculate the current health insurance premiums and directly obtain an offer from your preferred health insurance company.

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