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With around 1.44 million policyholders, Groupe Mutuel Krankenkasse is the second-largest health insurer in Switzerland. The Group comprises four health insurance funds, Philos AG, Avenir AG, Easy Sana AG and AMB Asssurance. The turnover in the health insurance sector is 3.7 billion Swiss francs. For private customers, Groupe Mutuel offers basic insurance as well as supplementary insurance including dental insurance. Compare the rates and find a health insurance that suits you.

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Groupe Mutuel Contact & Address

Groupe Mutuel Krankenkasse

Rue des Cèdres 5
1919 Martigny

insured persons

314'435 in basic insurance

refund period

Ø 9 days

solvency ratio


administrative expenses

260 CHF per client

Groupe Mutuel basic insurance

In the Groupe Mutuel basic insurance you have the choice between different models. The traditional basic insurance covers costs in the event of illness, pregnancy, accident and for compulsory medicines. You have a free choice of doctor. The amount of the premium depends on the deductible.

By choosing an alternative insurance model, you can reduce the insurance premium. The alternative insurance model Primacare is a family doctor model. In the event of illness or accident, you should first consult your family doctor. This can also be the family doctor in a group practice (HMO). If necessary, your family doctor will refer you to a specialist. With the alternative Doctors' Network insurance model, you select your family doctor from a list of Groupe Mutuel partner doctors. A telemedicine model is also available. If you opt for the SanaTel Telmed model, call the Medi24 telemedicine advice centre first in the event of illness. The advice centre will refer you to a doctor or hospital.

Groupe Mutuel supplementary insurances

If you would like further cover in the event of illness at home or abroad, there are various Groupe Mutuel supplementary insurances and dental insurance to choose from. The six Global variants combine various supplementary insurances into one package:

  • Global 1 to 4 offers four benefit levels for outpatient treatment and hospitalisation in the outpatient ward. The insurance provides cost subsidies for emergency transport, alternative medicine, glasses and contact lenses as well as preventive measures.
  • Global Classic is the voluntary family insurance of Groupe Mutuel Krankenkasse. With the "Plus" option, the insurance cover can be extended to include alternative medicine and health promotion.
  • Global mi-privée and privée offer extended coverage for outpatient services and more privacy in the hospital through accommodation in the semi-private (mi-privée) or private (privée) ward.
  • Global flex lets you choose the hospital ward that best suits your needs and offers a range of flexible expansion options.
  • With Individual Global Solution, you can choose between three service levels, three hospital wards and three franchises. Levels 2 and 3 include dental insurance.

In the H-Bonus model, you can choose the hospital comfort individually, the health insurance covers part of the costs. In addition, you receive supplementary hospital insurance with a free choice of hospital throughout Switzerland, hospital insurance for senior citizens over 55, supplementary medical expenses insurance and Alterna supplementary insurance for alternative medicine. Dentaire plus dental insurance pays for dental care and orthodontics in three benefit levels. The Mundo supplementary insurance covers treatment costs abroad.

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