Glarner health insurance

Glarner health insurance is one of the smaller health insurance companies in Switzerland and has just over 7,700 policyholders. The health insurance fund is based in the canton of Glarus. The health insurance offers its customers voluntary supplementary insurance in addition to the obligatory basic insurance. Our comparison shows you how well the health insurance company is positioned in comparison.

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Glarner Contact & Address

Glarner Krankenkasse

Sernftalstrasse 33
8762 Schwanden

insured persons

7'535 in basic insurance

refund period

Ø 5 days

solvency ratio


administrative expenses

164 CHF per client

The basic insurance of the Glarner health insurance

The compulsory basic insurance offers health insurance for the cantons of Glarus, Schwyz and St. Gallen. The benefits comply with the Swiss Health Insurance Act (KVG) and cover basic medical care in the event of illness or accident. The health insurance only offers the Standard model (free choice of doctor), in which you can freely choose which doctor you visit in the event of illness. There are no alternative insurance models such as a family doctor model, a group practice (HMO) model or a TelMed model.

Supplementary insurance for families 

With the voluntary supplementary insurances Family and Family Flex, the Glarner health insurance is aimed specifically at families. The Family tariff offers extended maternity and childbirth benefits and generous subsidies for visual aids and treatments in the field of alternative medicine. Family Flex supplements the range of services with the free choice of ward for a stay in hospital.

Supplementary insurance for individuals 

Glarner health insurance offers two supplementary insurances for individuals: The General supplementary insurance closes gaps in the basic insurance. In the area of alternative medicine, for example, it covers up to 70 percent of treatment costs, up to a maximum of 1,000 Swiss francs per year. Eyeglasses and contact lenses are subsidised up to CHF 200. The Premium supplementary insurance offers even higher reimbursement amounts.

Four hospital insurance models

Glarner health insurance offers a choice of four different supplementary hospital insurance tariffs:

  • Kombi General lets you choose the hospital of your choice throughout Switzerland.

  • Kombi Flex offers free choice of hospital ward before each hospital stay.

  • Kombi Flex offers accommodation in a two-bed room in a semi-private ward.
  • Kombi Privat reimburses accommodation in a single room in a private ward.

Dental insurance Dental

Dental dental insurance is available in six variants. The lowest insurance level covers 50 percent of treatment costs, up to a maximum of 500 Swiss francs per calendar year. The highest insurance level covers 75 percent of treatment costs up to a maximum of CHF 5,000 per calendar year. Covers, among other things, crowns, dental prostheses and the treatment of tooth and jaw malpositions. The dental insurance company contributes up to CHF 100 per year to check-ups.

Premium discounts and family discounts

You cannot take advantage of discounts through an alternative insurance model with Glarner health insurance. However, you will receive premium discounts if you have your deductible increased. The maximum franchise for adults is CHF 2,500, for children CHF 600 per year. The higher the annual deductible rate, the lower the monthly health insurance premiums.

As the health insurance company offers special family insurance, there is no further family discount in the supplementary insurance. 

Glarus health insurance in comparison

Take a look at the premiums and benefits of the Glarner health insurance in comparison and find a health insurance that suits your needs. With our premium calculator, you can quickly and easily determine your savings potential and then obtain an insurance quote directly. We will also be happy to advise you personally.

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