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Galenos Health Insurance has been in existence since 1908. The insurer was founded by members of the Swiss Technical Association STV. In 1995, it was opened to all Swiss citizens, and since then every Swiss citizen has been able to become a member of the health insurance fund. The company has been part of the Visana Group since October 2018. At present, around 12,000 people have taken out basic insurance with the Zurich-based health insurer, and 7,000 have opted for supplementary insurance. The insurer earns annual premiums of around 68 million Swiss francs, of which 53 million francs are attributable to basic insurance. Get an overview of what Galenos Health Insurance has to offer and compare benefits and premiums.

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Galenos Contact & Address

Galenos Krankenkasse

Militärstrasse 36
8021 Zürich

insured persons

9'551 in basic insurance

refund period

Ø 12 days

solvency ratio


administrative expenses

206 CHF per client

Minica and Minica-Optica: The Galenos basic insurance

As one of more than 65 health insurance companies in Switzerland, Galenos offers compulsory basic insurance for nursing care. The standard model is called Minica. Sickness, accident and maternity benefits are required by law. In the standard model, there is free choice of doctor. The amount of the premium depends on the age of the policyholder, the canton and the region. You can lower the premium if you choose a higher deductible rate, i.e. pay a higher personal contribution in the event of treatment.

You can also save if you choose the alternative Minica-Optima insurance model. With this variant of basic insurance, you first contact your family doctor in the event of illness. You can choose your permanent family doctor from a list of suggestions. If you require further treatment or clarification, you will be referred to a specialist or hospital. You can also agree a higher annual deductible in the Minica-Optica tariff to further reduce your premium.

Galenos health insurance does not offer a group practice (HMO) model or a Telmed model for telemedicine.

The Galenos supplementary health insurances

Three supplementary insurances offer you extended benefits. All three models include dental insurance, cover treatment with alternative medicine and provide a subsidy for spectacle lenses or contact lenses, non-prescription medication and transport costs. The models differ in the amount of the grants.

In the Maxica I tariff, for example, you receive dental insurance that covers all dental costs up to an amount of 5,000 Swiss francs per year. The Maxica II tariff provides up to CHF 7500 for dental treatment, while the dental insurance included in the Maxica III tariff pays up to CHF 10,000 per year.

Additional hospital insurance

Anyone wishing to be treated in a hospital outside their canton of residence benefits from supplementary hospital insurance. The Galenos supplementary insurance Hospital I covers the stay in the general ward in public hospitals and pays subsidies for inpatient spa cures, recreational cures, the stay in a nursing home and more. For a hospital stay abroad, you receive up to 500 Swiss francs per day. For children up to the age of 18 who are covered by Galenos basic insurance, the Hospital I supplementary hospital insurance is free of charge.

With the Hospital Plus supplementary insurance, you can cover your stay in public and private hospitals. You have a free choice of hospital throughout Switzerland.

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