Free choice of doctor

The Model Free Choice of Doctor in Compulsory Health Insurance

There are various options for compulsory health insurance in Switzerland. The traditional model gives policyholders free choice of doctor. In the event of illness, you may therefore decide for yourself which doctor you would like to be treated by. The health insurance companies do not grant a premium discount in this model.

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The traditional insurance model with free choice of doctor

If you take out compulsory health insurance under the standard model, you benefit from the freedom of choice of doctor in your canton of residence and at your place of work. In the event of illness, you can decide without restrictions which doctor to consult. If you have non-specific problems, contact a general practitioner, but you may also consult a specialist directly. In the event of a medical emergency, contact an emergency doctor or a hospital. In the standard model, you do not have to report the emergency treatment to your insurer afterwards, unlike with the alternative insurance models.

In this model, however, the free choice of doctor only applies to outpatient treatment and not to medical treatment in hospital. If you also wish to choose your doctor freely during a hospital stay, you will need additional insurance.

How do you find a suitable family doctor?

Also in the insurance model with free choice of doctor, the general practitioner you trust is the first point of contact for many medical problems. Especially in rural areas it is not easy to find a suitable doctor. Your health insurance can help you and name general practitioners in your area. If you move, your old doctor may also be able to make a recommendation for your new place of residence. In addition to general practitioners practicing alone, there are also group practices available in which several doctors and therapists from different disciplines work together under one roof.

For whom is the insurance model with free choice of doctor worthwhile?

The standard model with free choice of doctor is particularly interesting for policyholders who wish to have the greatest possible freedom of choice in the event of illness. If you have already found a general practitioner you can trust and would like to keep him, the traditional basic insurance model is also worthwhile.

In addition to the standard model, the Swiss health insurance fund also offers alternative insurance models such as the general practitioner model, the HMO model or Telmed models. These variants limit the choice of the first contact person, for which the insurers grant a premium discount. The standard model, on the other hand, is not discounted. You can lower the premium by choosing a higher franchise.

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