Family doctor model

The general practitioner model of compulsory health insurance

The family doctor model is one of the alternative insurance models of compulsory health insurance. Since 2007, Swiss health insurance companies have had to offer you this model. It provides for you to first consult your family doctor with regard to all health issues, who will refer you to a specialist if necessary. By choosing the alternative insurance model, you can save premiums.

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How to find a suitable general practitioner

The alternative family doctor insurance model has been offered by Swiss health insurance companies since the 1990s. Since the health reform of 2007, they have even been obliged to offer this model to their policyholders.

If you want to make use of the family doctor tariff, you must first choose a suitable family doctor. You can obtain a list of all suitable doctors in your canton of residence from your health insurance fund. You can choose a general practitioner practicing alone or a doctor from a joint practice. From now on, your chosen doctor will be your first point of contact for all health questions. In the event of illness, you should first contact him. If necessary, you will receive a referral for a specialist.

If you are no longer satisfied with your doctor or if you move, you can easily switch to another family doctor.

What criteria must the physician meet?

According to § 73 b SGB V, physicians who wish to participate in the GP tariff must fulfil certain requirements. For example, they must participate in quality circles, treat according to specific guidelines and be able to demonstrate quality management. The health insurance funds must ensure that these requirements are met before you include general practitioners on your lists.

Advantages of the general practitioner tariff

The general practitioner tariff is intended to avoid unnecessary visits to the specialist and hospital. As the first point of contact, the general practitioner is familiar with the patient's medical history and should therefore guide him more efficiently through the healthcare system. In this way, treatment costs can be saved.

For policyholders, the general practitioner tariff has a major advantage: They pay lower premiums than in the standard basic insurance model. Further advantages: As a rule, family doctors also offer appointments outside office hours. Patients do not have to worry about long waiting times. Initial examinations by the general practitioner facilitate the early detection of diseases. In addition, the general practitioner tariff is intended to increase the quality of specialist treatment. Since patients only consult their specialist after referral by their general practitioner, they can be sure that the treatment is really necessary. The specialist is more motivated to give the patient a good treatment to ensure further referrals.

Compare health insurances and find a favourable family doctor rate

If you opt for the alternative "family doctor" insurance model, you may limit your free choice of doctor, but benefit from lower premiums. Our health insurance comparison shows you which insurer offers you a particularly favourable family doctor tariff.

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