Einsiedeln health insurance

The Einsiedeln health insurance goes back to a support fund for tailors and weavers from 1825, which existed until 1857. In 1871 the insurer was finally founded as an association of the bakers' and butchers' guild. Health insurance is characterised by strong ties to the region and a comprehensive range of services.

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Einsiedeln Contact & Address

Einsiedeln Krankenkasse

Hauptstrasse 61
Postfach 57
8840 Einsiedeln

insured persons

3'713 in basic insurance

refund period

Ø 5 days

solvency ratio


administrative expenses

122 CHF per client

The range of basic insurance benefits

Einsiedeln Krankenkasse offers the Standard model (free choice of doctor) for basic health insurance. This means that you are free to choose whom to contact in the event of illness: your family doctor, a group practice (HMO) or a specialist. The scope of services is prescribed by law and includes basic outpatient and inpatient care. Emergency treatment abroad as well as some alternative medical treatments are also covered. 

Save premiums with a higher franchise

By choosing a higher annual deductible, you can lower your insurance premiums. The mandatory franchise is 300 Swiss francs. Adults can pay a maximum of CHF 2,500 per year and then receive lucrative discounts. The maximum annual deductible for children is CHF 600.

Outpatient supplementary insurances

At KK Einsiedeln, you can choose between two outpatient supplementary insurances, Optima and Premium: 

  • • The Optima supplementary insurance closes gaps in the compulsory health insurance. This also includes the assumption of treatments and remedies from the field of alternative medicine. You will also receive subsidies of up to CHF 150 per year for visual aids and CHF 400 per year for preventive measures.
  • • The Premium tariff pays higher contributions than Optima and, for example, pays up to CHF 200 per year for visual aids and CHF 600 per year for preventive healthcare.

More comfort in hospital

For more freedom of choice and comfort during your hospital stay, you can take out supplementary hospital insurance. Einsiedeln hospital insurance is available in four benefit levels: general, semi-private, private, flex and global:

  • General: Accommodation in the general ward
  • Semi-private: Accommodation in a two-bed room in a semi-private ward
  • Private: Accommodation in a single room in a private ward
  • Flex: flexible choice of ward before each hospital stay
  • Global: worldwide free choice of doctor and hospital as well as private ward accommodation

Dental Insurance Dental

Dental insurance reimburses the costs of dental treatment and orthodontic measures. In addition, the insurance pays contributions of up to CHF 100 per year for prophylaxis and check-ups.

Combined supplementary insurances

The combined supplementary insurances of Einsiedeln Versicherung offer comprehensive insurance protection for the whole family. In addition to the benefits of outpatient supplementary insurance, the Family combined insurance also includes, for example, breastfeeding allowance and special benefits for the birth of a child.

The Family Flex tariff offers the same range of benefits as Family, but you can choose the ward of your choice when you stay in hospital. There is no other special family discount.

A comparison of KK Einsiedeln's range of insurance products

By changing the health insurance you can save a lot of money. Does KK Einsiedeln offer a suitable offer for your needs? You can make a comparison with us and, if you wish, obtain a non-binding offer right away. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you!

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