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Easy Sana health insurance is part of the Groupe Mutuel insurance group and, with around 200,000 policyholders, is one of the 15 largest health insurers in Switzerland. Depending on the canton, the health insurance offers very favourable tariffs, especially the alternative models of the basic insurance can convince by low premiums. With us you can get to know the health insurance company better in comparison with other providers.

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Easy Sana Contact & Address

Easy Sana Krankenkasse

Groupe Mutuel
Rue des Cèdres 5
1919 Martigny

insured persons

150'882 in basic insurance

refund period

Ø 9 days

solvency ratio


administrative expenses

213 CHF per client

Easy Sana basic insurance

The basic insurance offer is the same as that of the parent company Groupe Mutuel. In addition to the Standard model (free choice of doctor), in which policyholders can freely choose their doctor, there are various alternative insurance models: PrimaCare (family doctor), SanaTel (Telmed), PrimaTel, BasicPlus and Optimed limit the selection of the first contact person for the choice of illness. With PrimaCare, you first contact your family doctor. With the Telmed models, your first contact person is a telemedical advice hotline; with PrimaTel you also specify a family doctor as a further permanent contact person. With BasicPlus and Optimed you select your family doctor or a group practice (HMO) from a list of the Easy Sana partner network.

Premium discounts in basic health insurance 

The choice of an alternative insurance model rewards health insurance with lucrative premium discounts. There are also discounts if you choose a higher franchise. A maximum franchise of CHF 2,500 per calendar year applies to adults aged 26 and over, and CHF 600 for children.

Voluntary supplementary insurance

The benefits of the voluntary supplementary insurance go beyond the legally regulated offer of the compulsory basic insurance. The Global supplementary insurance, for example, combines outpatient benefits with hospital insurance and covers subsidies for spectacles, prevention offers and offers from the field of alternative medicine.

Alterna is a supplementary insurance with high subsidies in the area of alternative medicine. The Mundo supplementary insurance covers treatment for illnesses and accidents while travelling abroad. Dentaire Plus is the dental insurance of the Easy Sana health insurance company. It covers a maximum of 75 percent of treatment costs up to an amount of CHF 15,000 per year.

Additional insurance for the hospital

The supplementary hospital insurance offered by Easy Sana health insurance is also similar to that offered by Groupe Mutuel. You are free to choose between a doctor and a hospital. Depending on the service level, you will be accommodated in a general ward, a semi-private ward or a private ward. With the H-Bonus tariff, you determine your desired level of comfort before each hospital stay. Senior citizens aged 55 and over can take out the Hopital Senior tariff.

Family discount in supplementary insurance  

If you do not claim any benefits under the supplementary health insurance for one year, you will receive premium discounts of between 10 and 50 percent. If you take out the Global Classic supplementary insurance for your child before birth, you benefit from the family discount.

Easy Sana health insurance in comparison  

How well and inexpensively are you insured with an Easy Sana health insurance plan? Our comparison will tell you that. Calculate your monthly premiums with our insurance calculator and, if you wish, request a non-binding insurance quote directly. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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