Dental care insurance

Why additional dental care insurance makes sense

Compulsory basic insurance only covers rudimentary dental care. However, dental treatment can be very expensive. The supplementary insurance for dental care protects you from the additional costs. Most health insurance companies in Switzerland offer supplementary dental insurance.

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What benefits are covered by supplementary dental insurance?

If you have to go to the dentist, it can be very expensive. The compulsory basic insurance only covers treatments that can be traced back to an unavoidable illness of the masticatory apparatus or to an accident. Tooth fillings, root canal treatments, dental prostheses and tooth position corrections must be paid for out of your own pocket. The same applies to oral hygiene services.

If you want to protect yourself against the high costs of dental treatment, you can take out voluntary supplementary insurance. You can obtain this from your health insurance company or another health insurer of your choice.

The scope of the supplementary dental care insurance is determined by each insurer. The usual benefits include:

  • Control examinations
  • teeth-preserving treatments
  • dental prosthetics
  • orthodontic measures

Most health insurance companies offer supplementary dental insurance at various levels, which differ in the amount of coverage. The maximum coverage of the supplementary insurance is usually 75 percent of the treatment costs. As a rule, a certain upper limit applies per year, for example 2,000 or 2,500 Swiss francs. The higher the cost coverage, the higher the premiums.

For whom is dental care insurance worthwhile?

An additional dental care insurance does cause additional monthly costs, but the investment is worth it. Every adult eventually needs dental treatment, the costs of which quickly exceed the premiums for supplementary insurance. Families with children in particular are well advised to take out dental care insurance. It also covers measures to correct malocclusions, such as subsidies for braces.

What do you need to bear in mind when taking out supplementary insurance?

As a rule, health insurance companies require a certificate before taking out dental care insurance. This should confirm the state of health of your teeth. If there is already a need for treatment, the insurer may exclude the assumption of costs for this particular point. In addition, there is no obligation to take out an insurance policy, the supplementary insurance can completely refuse to take out an insurance policy. For children under a certain age limit, most insurers do not require you to present a certificate.

As the services provided by the individual insurers vary greatly, it is always worth comparing health insurance companies. We will be happy to support you and help you to find an affordable supplementary insurance for dental care.

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