CSS Supplementary insurance

CSS supplementary insurance: Extended insurance cover for outpatients and hospitals

Voluntary supplementary insurance closes the gaps in basic insurance. Under the title myFlex, CSS health insurance offers various supplementary insurances for outpatient treatment, alternative medicine and hospital stays. Here we introduce the CSS supplementary insurance to you in more detail. If you would like to change your health insurance, make our premium comparison and obtain a non-binding offer right away.

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Outpatient supplementary insurance

The myFlex supplementary insurances of CSS want to offer policyholders comprehensive coverage with a high degree of flexibility. The outpatient supplementary insurance covers the following benefits:

  • worldwide treatment of emergencies
  • Possibility to insure yourself for worldwide outpatient treatment of your choice
  • Grants for laser eye surgery
  • Foreign and patient legal protection as well as worldwide repatriation in emergencies
  • Subsidies for tooth malposition corrections in children

Three variants are available: Economy covers 90 percent of the costs for all medically prescribed medicines, aids, gynaecological examinations as well as preventive and protective vaccinations. Contribution ceilings apply to individual benefits. Balance and Premium offer further benefits such as subsidies for visual aids and the pro rata assumption of dental treatment and dental malposition corrections.

Families benefit in the Economy tariff from 100 percent family discount for insured children, Balance and Premium still offer 75 percent discount.

The CSS alternative insurance

The alternative insurance myFlex covers the worldwide costs for treatments and medications in the field of complementary medicine. You can choose from numerous CSS-approved methods and therapists. The benefits are also paid if no medical prescription is available. You do not have to pay a franchise. The maximum amount of reimbursement is 10,000 Swiss francs per year.

The amount of the premium depends on the sex and age of the policyholder. For children, the CSS supplementary insurance for alternative medicine grants a 25 percent discount.

The supplementary hospital insurance of CSS

myFlex hospital insurance gives you free hospital choice for all hospitals with CSS-approved wards. Emergency treatment is provided worldwide. Expectant mothers receive benefits for accommodation in the birth centre, CSS also contributes to the costs of a home birth. If you prefer an outpatient procedure to inpatient admission, you will receive additional benefits.

CSS also offers three types of supplementary hospital insurance: Economy, Balance and Premium. All variants leave you free to choose whether you wish to be accommodated in the general, semi-private or private hospital ward. Balance and Premium offer exclusive additional benefits; in the Premium tariff you also have completely free hospital choice and receive reimbursement of up to CHF 50,000 per calendar year for optional inpatient treatment abroad.

If you also take out hospital insurance for your children, you will receive a 100 percent family discount in the Economy rate. The Balance and Premium rates offer a 50 percent discount for insured children. You can also save money in the Economy and Balance tariffs if you choose the hospitals from a restricted hospital list. In this case, CSS grants a 20 percent discount.

Compare CSS supplementary insurance and request a quote directly

In addition to the myFlex models, CSS also offers additional insurance for dental treatment, medical expenses, daily hospital allowance insurance, individual daily allowance insurance and cover for death and disability due to illness or accident. With us, you can easily compare the benefits of the CSS supplementary insurance and request a non-binding offer from the insurance company if you wish.

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