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Concordia health insurance is based in Lucerne. The company began operations in 1914 and focuses on health and accident insurance. Around 632,000 private individuals have taken out basic health insurance, with sales in 2018 amounting to 2.8 billion Swiss francs. In addition to the compulsory basic insurance, the health insurance company also offers several supplementary insurances including dental insurance and travel and distance insurance. Here you can compare the premiums and directly request a non-binding quotation from Concordia.

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Concordia Contact & Address

Concordia Krankenkasse

Bundesplatz 15
6002 Luzern

insured persons

536'650 in basic insurance

refund period

Ø 4 days

solvency ratio


administrative expenses

158 CHF per client

Concordia basic insurance: Three different models

Compulsory basic insurance provides cover in the event of illness, accident and maternity. In addition to the traditional model, Concordia health insurance also offers two alternative insurance models with which you can reduce your premium.

In the traditional basic insurance model, you have a free choice of doctor; the premium amount depends on the franchise selected. If you want to save money, you can choose the myDoc family doctor model. In the event of illness, you should always contact your family doctor, who will determine the treatment plan and refer you to a specialist if necessary. In the myDoc model, you can reduce your premium by up to 13 percent. If you choose HMO health insurance, your first point of contact for health questions is the doctor in a group practice (HMO). With this model you can save up to 21 premiums, depending on the franchise.

Concordia does not offer a Telmed model for telemedicine.

The Concordia supplementary insurances: Individual supplements to basic insurance

With the Concordia supplementary health insurance, you can extend the basic insurance cover and adapt it to your personal needs.

  • • The DIVERSA supplementary insurance is available in four variants. Among other things, it covers inpatient and outpatient treatment abroad, makes contributions to glasses and contact lenses, non-prescription medication and dental corrections, and handles search and rescue operations worldwide.
  • • NATURA is a supplementary insurance for alternative medicine, health promotion and prevention.
  • • With hospital insurance, you enjoy more comfort when staying in hospital. There are four options to choose from for your stay in a general, semi-private or private ward. You have a free choice of hospital throughout Switzerland.
  • • Dental insurance is also available in four variants. Dental insurance pays a subsidy of up to 75 percent for check-ups, conservative treatments, dental prosthetics and orthodontics.

In addition, Concordia Health Insurance offers accident insurance, holiday and travel insurance, daily benefits insurance and unit-linked savings and risk insurance.

Compare insurance offers: Which health insurance is right for you?

While the basic insurance benefits are required by law, the individual health insurers differ in their additional offers. Does Concordia offer you the insurance cover that suits you best? We will help you compare the health insurance companies and will be happy to advise you.

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