Compulsory health insurance

Compulsory health insurance: Obligation for every inhabitant of Switzerland

Health insurance is compulsory in Switzerland. Anyone who lives or works in Switzerland must take out what is known as compulsory health insurance, also known as basic insurance. Policyholders are free to choose their health insurance company. Through the compulsory health insurance, the Confederation aims to ensure that every Swiss citizen is financially secure in the event of illness.

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What are the conditions for compulsory health insurance?

The conditions of compulsory health insurance are governed by the Health Insurance Act (KVG). Since 1996, it has stipulated that every person who lives or works in Switzerland must take out basic health insurance. Compulsory health insurance covers basic medical care in the event of illness, accident, pregnancy or maternity.

As a rule, insured persons initially pay for medical treatment and medication themselves. They then contact their health insurer for reimbursement. Hospitals usually settle their accounts directly with the health insurance companies. 

Family members are not automatically covered by basic insurance. A separate insurance contract must be concluded for each family member.

How high are the health insurance premiums?

Policyholders pay a monthly health insurance premium for basic insurance benefits. Health insurers are largely free to set their premiums as long as they comply with certain legal requirements. The amount of the premium depends on income and on the premium regions and age groups defined by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). There are currently 43 premium regions in Switzerland; the age groups are divided into children and adolescents under 18, young adults between 18 and 26 and adults aged 26 and over.

The deductible in basic health insurance

In addition to the premium, policyholders have to pay a deductible. This consists of the annual deductible and the deductible. 

The deductible is an annual fixed amount up to which you have to pay your own treatment and medication costs. The ordinary annual deductible in the standard model of basic insurance is 300 Swiss francs for adults aged 18 and over and 0 Swiss francs for children. Adults have the option of increasing their deductible to up to CHF 2,500, thereby saving premiums. For children, an increase of up to CHF 600 is possible.

If the treatment costs exceed the annual deductible, the health insurance covers the additional amount. You now pay a deductible of ten percent. Adults pay a maximum deductible of CHF 700 per year, children CHF 350.

Compare health insurances and take out a low-cost basic insurance policy

Although it is compulsory to take out insurance with which health insurance company you are insured, you are free to choose. There are far more than 65 licensed health insurers in Switzerland. For compulsory health insurance, they all offer the same legally prescribed benefits. However, the level of premiums varies greatly. You can also save if you choose an alternative basic insurance model. With our independent health insurance comparison you will find the insurer with the lowest premiums.

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