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Health insurance comparison: Save several hundred francs with one comparison

Anyone living in Switzerland must take out compulsory health insurance. The benefits are prescribed and are the same from health insurance fund to health insurance fund. However, the level of monthly premiums differs considerably. With a health insurance comparison, you can determine your savings potential. Make the comparison with the health insurance company calculator and find out whether it is worth changing your health insurance company in switzerland.

Compare health insurance premiums 2024

Make the health insurance comparison and discover your savings potential

Swiss health insurance companies adjust their premiums every year. In 2020, health insurance premiums for adults rose by an average of 3.4 percent and for children by 1.2 percent. This places a significant burden on the household insurance fund. Nevertheless, many Swiss do not change their health insurance. This means they miss out on a high savings potential.

If your health insurance increases the premiums, you can switch to a cheaper provider. Don't miss out on this opportunity and compare health insurance premiums. You can already save around 200 Swiss francs a month on basic health insurance by making a comparison. If you also compare the supplementary insurances, you can reduce your expenses even further.

What should you bear in mind when comparing health insurance companies in Switzerland?

By comparing Swiss health insurance premiums, you can find out which insurer charges the lowest premiums for your canton of residence. It seems tempting to choose the cheapest provider. However, when comparing health insurance, you should also consider the respective insurance benefits.

The basic insurance benefits are regulated by law. In addition to the standard tariff, other insurance models are also available, such as GP models, HMO models and Telmed models. Not every health insurance company offers every model. The health insurance comparison shows you which insurer you can take out your preferred model with.

The amount of the premium also depends on the deductible rate. This is at least 300 Swiss francs per calendar year. If you choose a higher franchise, the monthly premiums fall. In our health insurance calculator, you can determine the desired franchise and see how the providers compare with the health insurance companies in Switzerland.

Health insurance premiums comparison: Compare supplementary insurances

In addition to the basic insurance, you should also compare the voluntary private supplementary insurance in the health insurance comparison. The offers and services differ from insurer to insurer. Premiums are often based on the age and gender of the policyholder. With a private health insurance comparison you will find the cheapest provider for your needs.

Swiss health insurance comparison: Where can you compare health insurance benefits and premiums?

The Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) offers the Priminfo health insurance calculator for the health insurance comparison. With Priminfo you can compare health insurance premiums for an insurance policy with or without accident coverage. Priminfo compares your health insurance company with other providers or carries out a general health insurance comparison.

Priminfo 2020 shows you the current health insurance premiums in Switzerland. However, you cannot request a quote from the respective insurance provider via the BAG.

The comparison portal Comparis health insurance also allows you to compare insurers.

Comparison of health insurance companies in Switzerland: Let us advise you

The health insurance comparison is worthwhile in any case. Let us advise you free of charge and without obligation. We will be happy to help you compare health insurance premiums and determine the cheapest insurer for your needs.

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