Compact One health insurance

Compact Grundversicherungen AG belongs to Sanitas. The head office of the insurance company is in Zurich, according to the Federal Office of Public Health about 43,000 people have taken out insurance with the health insurance company. In addition to compulsory basic insurance models, the Compact also offers various supplementary insurances.

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Compact Contact & Address

Compact One

Postfach 256
3000 Bern 5

insured persons

29'348 in basic insurance

refund period

Ø 7 days

solvency ratio


administrative expenses

181 CHF per client

The basic insurance of Compact health insurance

Compact Grundversicherungen AG is now fully integrated into Sanitas health insurance. It therefore offers the same models for both basic and supplementary health insurance. The following tariffs are available for compulsory health insurance:

  • Standard (free choice of doctor)
  • the family doctor model CareMed
  • the group practice (HMO) model

In addition, there are three models with initial telephone consultation: In the CallMed model, you can contact the Medgate hotline with health questions. The Medgate doctor makes a treatment recommendation. In the digital Compact One insurance model, you can obtain advice by telephone or via the Medgate App. You will receive a binding treatment plan. In the Medbase MultiAccess model, you finally have the choice of first contacting a Medbase Medical Center, a telemedical center or a pharmacy.

Discounts for alternative insurance models

The Compact rewards the choice of an alternative basic insurance model with lower premiums. In the family doctor model, for example, you receive a seven percent discount, in the Compact One Telmed model up to 15 percent, in the Medbase MultiAccess tariff even up to 19 percent. You can also save premiums by voluntarily paying a higher franchise.

Extended insurance cover through a voluntary supplementary insurance policy

Compact health insurance offers a wide range of supplementary insurances that supplement the benefits of basic health insurance. The supplementary insurances are tailored to special life situations:

  • Jump is aimed at young adults
  • Classic is a general supplementary insurance for all life situations.
  • Family is aimed specifically at families
  • Easy offers insurance cover on journeys
  • Medical Private grants worldwide free choice of physician

The range of services offered by Jump, Classic and Family includes the assumption of costs for alternative medicine, massages, visual aids, fitness subscriptions, smoking cessation and outpatient emergency treatment abroad, including transport costs. In addition, there are special benefits for the respective life situation. In the Family plan, health insurance grants a family discount from the 3rd insured child onwards.

Supplementary insurance for dental treatment and preventive care 

Dental insurance covers up to 80 percent of dental treatment costs, up to a maximum of 5,000 Swiss francs per year. It also covers orthodontic and surgical procedures as well as one preventive examination per year, including dental hygiene.

Well insured to hospital with supplementary hospital insurance

The Compact One range of services also includes hospital insurance. You can choose between five different tariffs: Hospital Standard Liberty offers free choice of hospital treatment in the general ward. With Hospital Extra Liberty and Hospital Top Liberty you enjoy free choice of hospital and doctor throughout Switzerland as well as semi-private or private accommodation.

Accident Extra Liberty and Accident Top Liberty offer accident care in a semi-private or private ward.

Compact One in comparison

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