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You can easily change your health insurance fund as follows

At the latest when the insurer increases the monthly premiums, many policyholders want to change their health insurance. By changing your health insurance, you can save between several hundred and one thousand Swiss francs a year. Different conditions apply to the change of basic insurance and supplementary insurance. If you want to change your health insurance, find out here what you need to bear in mind.

Health insurance comparison 2024

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Change health insurance: How to proceed

Each autumn, the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) approves the health insurance premiums for the coming year. The health insurance funds must inform their policyholders in writing of the new monthly premiums by 31 October at the latest. If you have received this information letter, you may change your basic insurance by the end of the year.

Before you change your health insurance fund, you should first carry out a health insurance fund comparison. In this way, you will find the cheapest insurer for your claims. When comparing insurances, also check whether it is worth switching to an alternative insurance model. There is also potential for savings if you set a higher annual deductible.

After the health insurance comparison, you request an offer from one or more health insurance companies. The insurers will send you an offer. You select your preferred offer and register with the new health insurance company using the attached form.

You will then have to cancel your old health insurance. There are different notice periods to be observed. 

Change health insurance fund: Until when do you have to cancel your basic health insurance?

If you would like to change your health insurance after an announced premium increase, you can do so at the end of the year. The insurer must have received notice of termination of the basic insurance by 30 November at the latest. The date on which the letter of cancellation from the insurance company is actually received is decisive, not the date of the postmark. The cancellation will then take effect on 31 December.

If your health insurance company increases the premium by the middle of the year, you must be informed by the end of April. You then have until 31 May to cancel your insurance and can switch to another health insurance company on 1 July.

Change health insurance companies: Date for basic insurance with regular deductible rate

If you have taken out basic insurance with a regular deductible of CHF 300 per month, an additional termination date in the middle of the year applies. The cancellation will then take effect on 30 June. The notice period is three months. This means that your letter of cancellation must be received by your health insurance company by 31 March at the latest.

Change health insurance fund: Deadline for cancellation of supplementary insurance

You can change your basic insurance and supplementary insurance independently of each other. You can therefore keep your basic insurance and only switch to a supplementary insurance from another provider. The notice periods for the supplementary insurance are determined individually by each health insurance company. Therefore, please read the insurance conditions carefully and adhere to the cancellation date stated there.

If your health insurer increases the premium for the supplementary insurance, you may terminate the contract with one month's notice and switch to another provider.

Compare offers and change health insurance

If you would like to change your health insurance company, make the free health insurance company comparison with us and request an offer from your preferred provider directly. If you would like further advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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