Cancel supplementary insurances

Cancel supplementary insurance: How to proceed

A voluntary supplementary insurance supplements the basic insurance of your health insurance company with useful benefits. If a provider increases the premiums or if you are no longer satisfied with your insurance, you might consider switching. If you wish to cancel your supplementary insurance, certain deadlines and conditions must be observed. Here you can find out how to proceed correctly in the event of a cancellation.

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What is the period of notice for supplementary insurance?

The benefits and premiums of voluntary supplementary insurance vary from health insurance fund to health insurance fund. Since there are so many different offers on the market, it is worth comparing insurers at regular intervals and checking whether your health insurance company still offers you the best benefits.

If you want to cancel your supplementary insurance, you must pay particular attention to the contract term and the notice period. Unlike basic insurance, voluntary supplementary insurance is subject to the Swiss Insurance Contract Act (VVG). As a result, insurers have more freedom in shaping their contractual conditions.

With many providers, the minimum contract term for supplementary insurance is one year, with a notice period of three months. If you wish to change your insurance at the beginning of the year, you must therefore cancel your contract by 30 September at the latest. The cancellation takes effect on 31 December. Other health insurers stipulate a contract term of five years, in which case the notice period is often six months to the end of the calendar year.

If you have taken out several supplementary insurances with one insurer, such as outpatient supplementary insurance and hospital insurance, different notice periods may apply to both contracts. You should therefore read the terms and conditions carefully. If you miss the deadline for termination in due time, the contract term will automatically be extended by the fixed term. The date on which your letter of termination is received by the insurer is decisive.

Extraordinary right of termination in the event of a premium increase

If your insurer increases the premium, you have an extraordinary right of termination. Your health insurance company must announce the premium increase in writing. If you have received such a letter, you can terminate your supplementary insurance with one month's notice.

What should you bear in mind when cancelling your supplementary insurance?

You must always cancel your supplementary insurance in writing by registered letter. In addition to your name and address, the cancellation letter should also contain the name of the supplementary insurance, the insurance number and the desired cancellation date. Also state that you would like confirmation of termination.

Please also note that there is no obligation to take out supplementary insurance. So that you are not without insurance cover, you should not cancel your supplementary insurance until your new insurer has already confirmed acceptance. 

First compare, then cancel the supplementary insurance

You can cancel your supplementary insurance independently of the basic insurance. Before you change insurers, it's worth making a comprehensive comparison. Make sure you change your insurance before the deadline so that you do not pay too high a premium. We will be happy to advise you if you wish to cancel your supplementary insurance and help you to find a new health insurance at a favorable price.

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