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I'm gonna have to cancel my health insurance: What do you have to pay attention to?

If you find your health insurance company too expensive or another insurer offers more attractive benefits, you can switch to another health insurance company relatively easily. The prerequisite is that you cancel your old health insurance. You must observe the notice period in order for the notice to take effect in good time. Here you can find out which periods of notice apply and which other conditions apply to a cancellation by the health insurance company.

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Termination of health insurance: How to cancel your basic health insurance

Basic health insurance is the compulsory health insurance in Switzerland that every Swiss citizen must have taken out. Many policyholders consider terminating their health insurance when their provider announces a premium increase. Termination must always be in writing. It is best to send your letter by registered mail so that it can be processed as quickly as possible.

Your letter of cancellation should contain the following data:

  • First name and surname
  • date of birth
  • your address
  • Your insurance number

With our free template you can create your cancellation letter quickly and easily online.

If you wish to cancel your health insurance, no premium payments may be in arrears. The cancellation only comes into effect when you present your old insurer with a confirmation of the new insurance contract. If you fail to take out a new compulsory health insurance policy in time, you will remain insured with your old health insurance fund.

What is the notice period for compulsory health insurance?

Every year, the Swiss health insurance funds adjust their insurance premiums. By the end of October at the latest, your insurer must inform you how the premium will change in the coming year. If a premium increase has been announced, you can cancel your basic insurance on 31 December and switch to another provider on 1 January of the new year. The letter of cancellation must be received by your old provider by 30 November.

If you have taken out basic insurance with a regular deductible of 300 Swiss francs, you can also cancel until the end of June. In this case, a period of three months applies. Your cancellation letter must therefore be received by the insurer by 31 March at the latest for the cancellation to take effect on 30 June.

Cancelling supplementary insurance: Deadlines and dates

You can cancel your supplementary insurance independently of your basic insurance. As a rule, a three-month notice period applies at the end of the year. You must therefore submit your notice of termination by 30 September so that it becomes effective on 31 December. However, the insurers can determine the notice periods for the supplementary insurance individually. For some insurers, the notice period is six months instead of three. You will find the specific periods in your insurance contract.

If your insurer increases the premiums for your supplementary insurance, a shortened notice period of one month applies.

Please note that a health check may be necessary for voluntary supplementary insurance. You may not be able to take out your preferred insurance policy. Therefore, do not cancel your old supplementary insurance until you are really sure that you will be included in the new insurance.

Cancel your old health insurance and find a cheaper provider

We support you in changing your health insurance company. Before you cancel your health insurance, make a health insurance comparison with us. Then obtain a quote directly from your preferred provider. If you have any further questions, we will advise you free of charge and without obligation.

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