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Avanex Health Insurance operates under the umbrella of the Helsana Insurance Group. In 2017, the company was merged with the parent group in order to continue to be able to offer customers favourable insurance premiums. The range of basic and supplementary insurance is therefore the same as for Helsana. Here you will find a comparison of Avanex's range of insurance products.

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Various basic insurance models 

Like all Swiss health insurance companies, Avanex also offers compulsory basic insurance in accordance with the KVG. The scope of benefits is prescribed by law, but the insurance companies have a certain degree of freedom in drawing up contracts. In addition to the Standard basic model (free choice of physician), there are three alternative insurance models to choose from. They limit the choice of the first contact person, but reward this with lower premiums.

In the BeneFit PLUS Family Doctor/HMO model, your first contact is your family doctor or a group practice (HMO). BeneFit PLUS Telmed and PREMED-24 are Telmed models. In the event of illness, you should first contact a telemedical counselling centre. With PREMED-24 you are then free to consult a doctor of your choice.

Lower premiums due to higher deductible rate

Another way to reduce your insurance premiums is to choose a higher annual deductible. The higher the deductible, the higher the discount. The maximum annual deductible for adults is CHF 2,500, for children CHF 600.

More benefits through voluntary supplementary insurance

Avanex health insurance has a wide range of supplementary insurances in its portfolio. The Top outpatient supplementary insurance pays, for example, extended subsidies for visual aids, medication, psychotherapy, treatment abroad and much more. Sana reimburses treatments in the field of alternative medicine and measures for prevention and health promotion. Completa combines the benefits of these two insurances into a complete package.

With the World tariff, you can insure yourself against medical emergencies abroad. With Primeo, you enjoy free choice of doctor and more comfort during your stay in hospital. Finally, Omnia is an insurance package with basic additional benefits. If you would like a higher level of insurance, you can take out this every five years without a further health check.

DENTAPlus dental insurance

With DENTAPlus, Avanex also offers supplementary dental insurance. The costs for dental treatment, dental hygiene and dental malposition corrections are reimbursed at a maximum of 75 percent, up to 3,000 Swiss francs per calendar year.

More comfort and freedom of choice in the hospital

Hospital insurance Hospital is aimed at all those who want more comfort when staying in hospital. The four service levels differ according to the type of accommodation:

  • Eco: general ward
Semi-private: semi-private department
Private: private department
Flex: flexible choice of accommodation before each hospital stay

Each benefit level of the supplementary hospital insurance grants free choice of hospital throughout Switzerland. In the semi-private, private and flex benefit levels, you are also free to choose the doctor treating you. The Hospital Extra daily benefits insurance supplements the offer.

Family discount in the supplementary insurances

If you take out supplementary health insurance for several people in your household, Avanex will reward you with a discount. For two insured persons this discount is 5 percent, for three policyholders 10 percent.

A comparison of the insurance products offered by Avanex health insurance

You can find out whether a change to Avanex health insurance is worthwhile in our comparison. Our premium calculator shows you your savings potential with just a few clicks. We would also be happy to advise you personally!

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