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Aquilana Insurance has been in existence since 1892. The head office of the health insurance company is located in Berne, the area of activity covers the whole of Switzerland and eight EU countries. Health insurance has a total of around 44,000 policyholders, with turnover from premium income amounting to 170.9 million Swiss francs in 2014. Our comparison shows whether the health insurance suits you.

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Aquilana Contact & Address

Aquilana Krankenkasse

Bruggerstrasse 46
5401 Baden

insured persons

43'178 in basic insurance

refund period

Ø 4 days

solvency ratio


administrative expenses

140 CHF per client

The basic insurance of Aquilana: Standard and family doctor model CASAMED

You can choose between two tariff models for basic insurance. The OKP Standard model (free choice of physician) offers the benefits defined in the Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG).

As an alternative, you can opt for the CASAMED family doctor model. In contrast to the standard model, you always consult your family doctor first in the event of illness. In return, your premiums are reduced by up to 10 percent.

Aquilana Health Insurance does not offer a group practice (HMO) or Telmed model.

Aquilana supplementary insurance: Supplement your insurance cover

Would you like to have health insurance with benefits that go beyond the statutory insurance cover? Then you can opt for a voluntary supplementary insurance.

The supplementary health care insurance PLUS closes gaps in the basic insurance. The supplementary insurance, for example, covers up to 90 percent of the costs for annual preventive medical check-ups, treatment by a gynaecologist, vaccinations and medicines not covered by health insurance. For treatments in the field of alternative medicine, the reimbursement is also 90 percent, up to a maximum of CHF 1,000 per calendar year.

Nursing TOP even reimburses up to CHF 2,000 for alternative medicine and offers high subsidies for preventive measures. For example, if you visit a fitness centre or do strength training, Aquilana pays 50 percent of the costs, up to a maximum of 300 Swiss francs per year. In the case of malocclusion, the supplementary insurance also covers 75 percent of the costs for orthodontic treatment, up to a maximum of 5,000 Swiss francs per calendar year.

More comfort in hospital with supplementary hospital insurance from Aquilana

Depending on the model, hospital insurance allows you to freely choose the hospital, the doctor and the room comfort. The hospital care insurance covers unlimited costs for treatment and accommodation. There is a choice of models:

  • SV/A: Accommodation in the general hospital ward
  • SV/HP: Accommodation semi-private
  • SV/P: Private accommodation

A prerequisite for taking out supplementary hospital insurance is an existing basic insurance policy and a health examination.

Dental care insurance in three insurance levels 

For dental insurance, you can choose one of three insurance levels. The maximum cost coverage for dental treatment is 3,500 Swiss francs per calendar year.

Discounts: Save premiums through higher franchise and family discount

If you would like to reduce your premiums, you can choose a higher franchise. For adults, you can choose an annual franchise of up to CHF 2,500 for children under 18, the maximum possible annual franchise is CHF 500. In return, you will receive discounts of up to 41 percent.

Families with children benefit from the family discount offered by the health insurance fund. Children up to the age of 18 receive premium discounts of 75 percent. For young adults between the ages of 19 and 25, Aquilana reduces premiums by 20 percent.

The Aquilana health insurance company in comparison

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