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Agrisano Krankenkasse AG is one of five companies of the Agrisano Foundation. The Swiss Farmers' Union established the foundation in 1992 and develops insurance solutions specifically for Swiss farming families and their employees. In the area of health insurance, this includes basic insurance, various supplementary insurances including hospital insurance, daily allowance insurance and dental insurance, and accident insurance. More than 143,000 policyholders have taken out basic insurance with Agrisano and more than 76,000 have chosen the AGRI special supplementary model. Premium income from compulsory health insurance amounted to CHF 400 million in 2017.

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Agrisano Contact & Address

Agrisano Krankenkasse

Laurstrasse 10
5201 Brugg

insured persons

128'446 in basic insurance

refund period

Ø 21 days

solvency ratio


administrative expenses

135 CHF per client

Agrisano basic insurance

Agrisano health insurance offers the rural population self-developed and needs-based insurance solutions. There are three models in the basic insurance segment:

  • The basic model corresponds to the compulsory health insurance that all Swiss citizens must take out. Policyholders have a free choice of doctor, and the amount of the premium depends on the deductible.
  • AGRI-eco is the family doctor model. In the event of illness, policyholders first contact their family doctor or a group practice (HMO). If necessary, a referral will be made to a specialist.
  • AGRI-contact is a Telmed model. In the event of illness, policyholders first contact a medical advice hotline. The specialist medical staff refer the caller to a doctor or hospital if further treatment is required. The telemedicine model is not available in all cantons.

Agrisano supplementary insurances

Compulsory health insurance benefits are regulated by law and are the same for all health insurers. If you want extended insurance cover, you can choose from several supplementary insurances. The additional offers supplement the basic insurance, for example with dental insurance or hospital insurance. Agrisano health insurance offers its supplementary insurances exclusively for the agricultural population.

AGRI special covers, among other things, accommodation in the general hospital ward throughout Switzerland, transport and rescue costs as well as emergency treatment abroad, treatment in alternative medicine and a subsidy for glasses and other medical aids.

  • AGRI-naturlich provides services in naturopathic medicine.
  • AGRI-dental is a dental insurance that covers 50 percent of the costs for dental treatment.
  • Hospital Flex is a supplementary hospital insurance with flexible solutions for accommodation in the general, semi-private or private hospital ward.
  • The hospital insurance is another supplementary hospital insurance and covers the costs for a stay in a semi-private or private hospital ward.
  • AGRI-revenue is a daily benefits insurance and protects against the financial consequences of a loss of working hours due to illness, maternity or accident.

In addition, policyholders can take out legal expenses insurance, travel insurance, accident insurance for temporary agricultural workers and insurance for disability and death.

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If you are looking for the right insurance cover, it is worth comparing the supplementary insurances of the individual health insurers. Compare Agrisano's range of products online with other insurers and find out which cover suits you best. If you would like further advice, please feel free to contact us.

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