Accident coverage

This is how accident coverage by health insurance works

All persons resident in Switzerland are compulsorily insured against accidents. Accident insurance for employed persons is governed by the Accident Insurance Act (UVG). All persons who are not subject to the UVG are included in the accident coverage of their health insurance fund.

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Accident coverage in compulsory basic insurance

Switzerland's UVG stipulates that all Swiss citizens must have accident insurance. Persons who are not in an employment relationship and do not receive unemployment benefits are automatically included in the accident coverage of the health insurance funds. This applies, for example, to children, persons working in the household, self-employed persons and students.

Accident coverage follows the Health Insurance Act (KVG) and is part of the compulsory basic insurance. If an accident occurs, you are entitled to medical treatment, medication, accommodation and meals in the general ward of a hospital. If the accident occurs abroad, the health insurance company will pay a maximum of twice the amount that would have been paid for treatment in Switzerland.

As with compulsory health insurance, you must pay a contribution towards accident insurance costs. You pay an annual excess and a deductible of ten percent, a maximum of 700 Swiss francs per calendar year for adults and 350 Swiss francs for children.

Accident insurance via the employer

If you are employed, it is worth taking out compulsory health insurance without accident cover. In this way, you can reduce your health insurance premium by up to ten percent. Employees are insured against accidents through their employer, who also pays the premiums for accident insurance.

Incidentally, the UVG insurance does not only apply to accidents at work. It also covers accidents at home and leisure activities. There is an exception for part-time employees who work less than eight hours for one employer: They are only covered against occupational accidents and diseases

Accident insurance remains valid for a full month after the end of the employment relationship. You can extend your insurance cover by six months if you submit an application to the Schweizerische Unfallversicherung (SUVA) for agreement insurance. If your insurance claim ends in accordance with the UVG, you must inform your health insurance fund. However, the law protects you from insurance gaps. If you fail to notify your health insurer in good time, you will still receive all benefits under the KVG in the event of an accident. In this case, however, you must pay the missed premiums in arrears.

Supplementary insurance with accident coverage

A supplementary insurance with accident coverage extends the statutory benefits. In the outpatient area, for example, it covers alternative treatment methods and non-physician psychotherapies. A supplementary hospital insurance offers, among other things, accommodation in a semi-private or private ward in a two-bed or single room.

Whether a supplementary insurance with accident coverage is worthwhile depends on whether an accident insurance exists via the employer and what it covers. We will be happy to advise you!

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