Current health insurance premiums for 2022: Make now the health insurance company comparison

Switzerland has had compulsory health insurance since 1996. Every Swiss resident must take out compulsory health insurance. You can choose from numerous different insurers. The benefits of the basic insurance are prescribed by law, but the premiums of the individual health insurance companies vary greatly. In addition, health insurance premiums have risen again in 2022. Our health insurance comparison will show you whether it is worth changing your health insurance company

Compare the premiums of your health insurance now and save several hundred Swiss francs a year

Health insurance comparison 2022

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Compulsory basic insurance in Switzerland

The Swiss Health Insurance Act (KVG) stipulates that you must take out compulsory health insurance. Immigrants must choose a health insurance company within three months of moving. You are free to choose which health insurance company you want to be insured with. The only requirement is that the health insurance must be active in your canton of residence

The so-called basic insurance covers basic medical care in the event of illness. In the event of illness, accident or maternity, the health insurance covers the costs of necessary treatment and medication. Patients first pay in advance and are then reimbursed for the costs of health insurance benefits.

Same performance, different premiums

The KVG regulates which benefits are covered by the basic insurance. The amount of premiums, on the other hand, is determined by each health insurance fund itself. The level of contributions depends on many different factors and varies, for example, depending on the canton and premium region. Age, income and marital status also influence the premium level.

Every autumn, the health insurance funds set the premiums for the coming year. The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) must confirm the premiums and publish the new contributions by 24 September. At the beginning of 2022, health insurance premiums rose once again. On average, every insured person pays 1.2 percent more for the average premium

Is the change of health insurance worth it? Make the health insurance comparison!

Premiums are expected to rise again in the coming year. By the end of October, your health insurance company must inform you of the new premium amount. By then at the latest, it will be worth making a health insurance comparison and looking for a cheaper health insurance. With a health insurance company change to a cheaper provider you can save several hundred or even thousand Swiss francs - with the same service.

If your health insurance company has announced a premium increase, you can cancel until 30 November of the year. The notice will then take effect on 31 December and your new health insurance contract will apply from 1 January. Use our health insurance comparison to find out whether the change is worthwhile for you.

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Voluntary supplementary insurance

Compulsory health insurance does not cover all treatment costs. For this reason, four out of five Swiss have opted for voluntary supplementary insurance. They can choose between supplementary outpatient insurance, supplementary hospital insurance and supplementary dental insurance. In addition to the premiums, the benefits also differ enormously in the supplementary insurance. Make a health insurance comparison and find a cover that suits you.

Compare health insurance premiums 2022 now and start changing health insurance companies

Our health insurance comparison uses the Priminfo data of the BAG. This ensures that all information is always up to date. You can easily calculate the current health insurance premiums and directly obtain an offer from your preferred health insurance company.

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